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Pressure Creates Diamonds

The Olympus Post Vol. XXXII: February 26, 2023

Greetings Olympians,

I extend a warm welcome to you all. The team here truly thanks you for all of your support, demonstrating the ability to remain flexible while we do everything that we can to continue to build a product of real value during these volatile economic times. As a community, we’ve been on an incredible journey together, working hard towards ascending wealth and achieving financial freedom.

As you may have noticed, the market continues to experience its fair share of turbulence. The volatility has been dizzying for many of us, and despite some promising signs — especially for Avalanche — we are still waiting for a bull run to take hold. But fear not, our team on Mt. Olympus has been working tirelessly to ensure that we continue to provide value to our community during these uncertain times. And, we know the uncertainty isn’t just coming from a market standpoint. Our team has had to make some critical decisions recently that have drastically effected our Olympians. We acknowledge this perspective.

Though, our commitment to you remains true. We’re dedicated to providing you with the tools and resources you need to navigate the crypto landscape with confidence, while accumulating capital in the process. While our mission is to create more value through transparency accreditation, we’re also committed to creating a sustainable and long-lasting decentralized financial suite that can weather the ups and downs of the crypto market. Now, we understand that in order to achieve this, we must be willing to make changes and adapt to this ever-evolving landscape.

And…well…change can be difficult, but we believe that it’s necessary to ensure the long-term sustainability of the project. Rest assured, every decision we make is grounded in our commitment to ensuring the sustainability of the project. We believe that by building a strong foundation now, we can create a platform that will provide the lasting value we are committed to providing to our community, for years to come.

The goal is to be around for the life of Web3 and its process of evolution, so thinking purely in the short-term isn’t too beneficial. Yes, providing some type of short-term value is important, ensuring that the community is incentivized to contribute, earn, and stay involved, but the long-term sustainability of the protocol reigns.

So, let’s dive in to this volume of The Olympus Post to see what exciting changes and improvements we have coming!

Where We Have Been:

Over the past two weeks, the team here at Zeus Finance has been hard at work, meeting regularly (and passionately) to discuss the future of our protocol and chart a path forward. It’s been an exciting and challenging time as we work to balance the needs of our community with the realities of the rocky road that we have endured and will continue to endure as we build our products and services up to provide real value to the industry.

During our meetings over the past two weeks, we’ve been analyzing the market, exploring new strategies, and discussing potential changes and all of their potential effects to the protocol. Every decision that we make is to move us closer to achieving our goals while remaining sustainable. It’s been a time of intense collaboration and brainstorming, as we work to identify the most effective ways to navigate this challenging environment.

We’re excited to share our progress with you and give you a glimpse into the hard work that’s been going on behind the scenes. But before doing so, let’s check out what else has happened on Mt. Olympus these last few weeks.

1st, we had to make the crucial decision to cut Single-Sided Staking emissions down to 1000 USDC/day. This was not an easy decision, and we understand that it may have caused inconvenience and disappointment for many of our valued members.

This is not ideal and truly, we would like to be increasing emissions, not lowering them.

The time will come. Just a bit more patience.

2nd, we revamped The Olympus Lottery and released its new version! This time, the lottery is designed to function like a traditional lottery, not just a raffle, so it gives you guys the chance to win big while also participating in the growth of the Zeus Finance protocol.

Every other week, a new drawing is held and five winning numbers are selected. If your ticket’s numbers match the winning numbers drawn, you win a share of the prize pool which is funded by the ticket sales generated by the protocol.

So if you haven’t picked up a ticket yet, make sure you do! They are only 2 USDC each!

Plus, if there is no winner upon closing the lottery this time around, all existing tickets will be cleared and the lottery will be opened back up for new tickets. The prize pool keeps growing until there is a winner drawn.

So go ahead — test your luck, Olympians!

Where We Are:

As I’ve mentioned, over the past few weeks, our team has been hard at work innovating and coming up with ways to ensure success for Zeus Finance and our Olympians. Therefore, we really focused on designing a new business model, tokenomic structure, and on introducing some mechanisms to help ensure the long-term sustainability of our project.

Essentially, our team has been focusing on finding ways to create a more stable and reliable platform that can withstand the challenges of the volatile crypto market. With the amount of nodes that exist, emitting the amount of $ZEUS that they do at this current rate, I can confidently say that withstanding the challenges of the volatile crypto market isn’t likely. Actually, it’s not quite possible with this current model. We’ve known this and have implemented different elements to slow down the negative impact of typical “nodes,” but it hasn’t been enough. More has to be done.

Understand, our node investors have always been a priority and so, easing into the transition of how nodes provide value has been in the forefront of our minds. We knew the old model of nodes didn’t work, but we couldn’t just jump into our new model right away. It just felt unjustified.

Now, also realize that we are responsible for where Zeus Finance sits. We know that. Though, with that being said, we’ve been analyzing data and market trends to identify areas where we can improve our protocol and enhance the value proposition for our users. After much collaboration and discussion, we’ve developed a new business model that we believe will help us achieve our goals. This new model is designed to provide greater stability and predictability for our users while also promoting sustainable growth for the project through securing a larger runway, providing us with substantial time to develop out our transparency products on the blockchain.

One of the key changes we’ve made is to our tokenomic structure. We’ve reevaluated our token model and adjusted it to ensure that there is a more sustainable, equitable distribution of tokens, which will help promote a more stable and balanced ecosystem.

In addition, we’ve also reevaluated the token mechanisms that governs how Zeus Finance operates. We’ve identified areas where we can possibly incentivize providing liquidity, transacting with $ZEUS, getting involved with the community, creating revenue, acquiring our own liquidity, and still giving back to the community all while we continue to perfect The Pantheon.

Overall, we’re incredibly excited about these changes and believe that they will help ensure the continued success and growth of Zeus Finance. Otherwise, let’s jump into what we’ve been working on before we discuss some alpha.

Marketing: Morpheus and the marketing team continue to create content and deliver it through various social media platforms. ZeusSpaces on Tuesdays at 12PM EST have only been getting juicier, and now Morpheus has added monthly town hall meetings, live on Twitter Spaces, where the community can get on stage and ask questions and/or provide some feedback and ideas for the team to help the protocol succeed.

The team has also identified that The Pantheon, being the flagship product, needs to be highlighted more. So, now the Twitter will be much more active and providing more value to those who follow it with education and tips on navigating DeFi. In addition, The Pantheon has its own Medium publication now, The Pantheon Review where details about The Pantheon will be discussed, overviews and breakdowns of onboarded projects will be provided, along with generalized DeFi articles surrounding ethics, transparency and the future of wealth, providing much needed information and dialogue for those in the industry.

We’ve also been working on developing strategic partnerships with other projects and platforms in the space for The Pantheon. By collaborating with other like-minded organizations, we can leverage their expertise and resources to create an even more robust and effective platform for our users. We have actually switched up the way we are going about offering the services we provide to protocols. Right now, we want to prove our product, Aegis, and therefore, will be onboarding more protocols for free to create a portfolio of protocols that show a working product. Once we showcase the success of the product, thats when we will be offering subscriptions to protocols and receiving revenue, truly building out the ethical marketplace we envision. This takes time, but we are confident in the process and know that there is a need and desire for transparency in the space.

dApp Redesign & New Utilities: Apollo has been hard at work perfecting the redesign! We had intentions of releasing the new design on the 1-Year Anniversary of Zeus Finance, but ran into some technical difficulties, mainly surrounding the usability of the interface and its reactivity…some JavaScript issues, basically. Otherwise, the dApp redesign is moving along quite well with a very sleek, in-brand design that will make interacting with the dApp much more pleasurable.

Here’s another sneak peek — check out ‘dark mode’ while being within the node portal! Yup, users will be able to toggle between light/dark displays (both are beautiful)!

Now, we also had intentions of releasing veZEUS by the end of the month. After some of the new planning, we had to go back and refine a few pieces of the mechanism and now intend on releasing the new dApp along with the governance model at the same time, sometime towards the middle of March. Again, the focus is on releasing a working product that functions appropriately. Of course the intention was to have it all released by end of February, but more delays occurred. It’s the nature of the game, we realize. Web3 development comes with delays and push-backs.

Non-KYC On/Off Ramp: The integration of the Non-KYC On/Off Ramp has been delayed more than we had hoped — it has been less than ideal for the protocol and our users.

Though, RBX has identified that everything is complete and currently in testing, making sure everything is in tip-top shape.

It is scheduled to be pushed live tomorrow, Monday — 2/27/23! Get ready to On and Off Ramp your fiat without any CEX or KYC required! This is a major step forward for crypto and we can’t wait to get to use it!

Where We Are Going:

As many of you are aware, our team here on Mt. Olympus…well, we’re just not content with simply just being another player in the crowded DeFi space. Our vision is much bigger than that, and being so, requires much more passion and drive to ensure it comes to fruition. We’re committed to creating a transparent and ethical marketplace that serves as a beacon for investors seeking safe and reliable investment opportunities in the world of Web3.

The sky is the limit for Zeus.

To achieve this goal, we’re working tirelessly to develop the tools and infrastructure necessary to make this vision a reality. We’re focused on creating a platform that provides a level of transparency and accountability that is unparalleled in the crypto space. This includes implementing rigorous due diligence processes to vet projects that want to be listed on our platform, as well as providing investors with the information they need to make informed investment decisions.

We believe that by becoming the go-to transparency accreditation protocol for all of Web3, we can help create a more sustainable and trustworthy ecosystem for all stakeholders. It’s obvious that our commitment to ethics and integrity sets us apart from other platforms, and we’re proud to be leading the charge in this area.

Ultimately, our goal is to become a trusted partner for investors and projects alike. We want to create a safe and reliable platform where investors can confidently invest in projects that have been vetted and accredited by The Pantheon and we want to provide projects with the tools and resources they need to succeed in Web3.

We’re excited about the future and remain committed to our mission of creating a transparent and ethical marketplace that benefits everyone involved. But, how exactly do we plan on going about this now? As I’ve stated, changes are coming and we know that you would love to get some details on what this will look like. So, let’s dive into a bit of alpha for Zeus Finance, looking at a brief overview of what the team plans on doing to secure sustainability and success.

**Alpha: As we look ahead to the future of Zeus Finance, we’re incredibly excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.

One of the things we believe that sets Zeus Finance apart is our commitment to innovation. We’re not content to simply copy what others in the space are doing. Yes, we are a decentralized financial suite, so of course we have the typical decentralized financial tools like a DEX and staking, but we also have a service that’s first-to-market in Web3, The Pantheon, really highlighting our dedication to creating something ‘new.’

So, keep in mind, because of our dedication to innovation, we essentially plan on taking the best concepts from DeFi and making them our own. This means adopting new mechanisms for governance, implementing cutting-edge security features, and integrating new technologies to create a platform that is more reliable, transparent, and user-friendly than anything else on the market.

So, if you haven’t taken some of the hints, we are focusing on The Pantheon, heavily.

“But wait, what does this mean? Why are you talking so much about The Pantheon?”

Simply put, we are creating and launching a brand new token for The Pantheon, $PAN, that will specifically be utilized on the further development of quality assurance standards for Web3, by creating a decentralized process in the creation of, maintenance of, and adoption of a quality management system (QMS) for Web3. Adopting a QMS can help improve a protocols overall performance while providing a sound basis for sustainable development initiatives and The Pantheon will be the provider of such a service.

We envision that $PAN will be a token that aids in the ongoing process of developing an ethical marketplace for exchanging cryptocurrencies and engaging with protocols on the blockchain. Not only that, but through providing users with important information about the projects and organizations that they are considering engaging with, through a membership model that provides access to a database of all accredited projects and organizations, $PAN inherently holds utility without any need of a monetary value — though, the community will obviously give it one.

Essentially, $PAN will be used to transform what it means to be a “transparent” protocol, while also being utilized as a token to gain access to premium data and information in a central (though decentralized) location.

“So, how exactly does this benefit Zeus Finance?”

Well, for one, the team here at Zeus Finance will be creating the token and therefore will hold a reserve of tokens for the protocol (securing equity) while also opening up more opportunities for our project to capitalize on the best elements of DeFi through adopting premium tokenomics from the onset of development. This also means capitalizing on providing liquidity to the market as well as capitalizing on the investors who seek new opportunities, bridging them into our ecosystem. Secondly, it allows more versatility for how we navigate the industry without involving the $ZEUS token itself, which as a team, we acquired after the launch of the token, having no say in the initial state of development. Thirdly, revenue attained through The Pantheon is still allocated to Zeus Finance and thus, providing value to those holding nodes and our native $ZEUS token. Essentially, The Pantheon is our first real product that is derived from Zeus Finance and with it, comes a token to help decentralize the product at its core.

Simply put, $ZEUS holders benefit because we share our profit through $ZEUS, and the $PAN token allows us to accumulate profit, through the token and through the services provided to the industry.

Now, there are more benefits to $ZEUS holders, but we can’t dive into every detail of the overall plan moving forward. This is simply a newsletter that provides some updates and remember, this is just the ‘alpha’ section. Therefore, I will be releasing more articles in the future that will outline more details regarding each step in the journey ahead.

For example, details regarding $ZEUS node emission cuts, node caps, how nodes will emit $USDC, how the project may build its core reserves through new strategic asset bonding & liquidity bonds, the removal of node fees and taxes, the possible addition of a small transaction tax — providing a deflationary aspect to the token — and rewarding liquidity providers, or how $PAN tokenomics will work, etc., will all be provided in the aforementioned upcoming articles.

Just know, our team here on Mt. Olympus has big plans regarding The Pantheon and how it helps support everyone involved in Web3. Those plans directly relate to Zeus Finance and our Olympians. You can all just see it as an evolution in our progress — we will be providing infrastructural support to the industry and the need of a separate — yet attached — framework felt like a necessity.

So, sit tight and be patient as we initiate our plan step-by-step and release the details accordingly — we should have more details released this week.

“A diamond is proof that you sometimes have to go through a great deal of pressure before you can shine.” — Matshona Dhliwayo



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