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Reflections On 2022

The Olympus Post, Vol. XXVII: December 18th, 2022


The end is here…

This is the final Olympus Post of the year. 2022 is coming to a close and, to be honest, it was an absolutely fantastic year growing with each and every one of you involved with Zeus Finance. The community has been one of the best I’ve ever seen within my 6 years in the space, and you should each be grateful for the changes — and challenges — you have all been able to embrace in your lives. Make sure that you take some time to reflect on your last year, taking a neutral stance on the past, learning from it, and moving forward.

Zeus Finance is honored to be building through this bear market with you all, while simultaneously providing passive income to each and every one of you.

Without you, there would be no Zeus Finance.

The community is one of the most important aspects of a protocol in this Web3 era, and with how tight knit Olympians are, it’s exciting to see what the future holds. The Roadmap has been released for some time, so of course there is a vision set forth. But, you all know how Zeus Finance works.

Are there any surprises in store for the next year? What can Olympians begin to truly get excited about with their favorite protocol? Are there major partnerships on the horizon?

All great questions, but, where’s the fun in answering them? Zeus Finance is about producing results and not just talking about them. So, 2023 will be about just that — results.

Though, before talking about 2023, let’s take some time to reflect on what 2022 looked like for Zeus Finance.

Where We Have Been:

Close your eyes.

Think about 2022. What is the first word that you think of? What themes come to mind? How do you feel?

Hopefully, warm feelings come to mind. Though, if you thought of crypto, you likely felt cold and dead inside (unless you thought of Zeus Finance).

Now, remember, Zeus Finance launched in February 2022, and therefore, the protocol actually launched towards the beginning of the current, ongoing bear market. Good timing? Not quite. But, that didn’t stop the team from pushing forward and innovating in times of despair.

The bear market provided a spark for action.

For those who have been here since the beginning, you know what it was like. Not going into detail, but the community was in shambles and there was quite a bit of disrespect amongst members, generally due to FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, & Doubt). Plus, due to the how nodes function without a ridiculous amount of utility for the native token that is being rewarded (as of yet), the price has taken a major hit. So essentially, the team has been fighting an epic battle against behavioral economics in a bear market, doing the best they can to transition into a sustainable model for passive income while keeping original investors grounded.

Though, without getting bogged down about how hard 2022 realistically was as a small, developing project on a relatively small, developing chain, reflecting on successes and positivity is important. It’s damn near required at this point.

1st, let’s take note that Zeus Finance launched on February 28th, 2022. This is a major date for the protocol! Kronos took time to set up the project, and then over the following 3 months, the main team that you see today was formed. Since then, all of the major issues that were apparent in the beginning have been solved.

Transparency, innovation, and a hard-working team arrived.

This initial transition came with a major rebrand, changing the logo, website, and the entire brand from ‘Zeus Node Finance’ to ‘Zeus Finance’ which were all welcomed quite well. With that, a major marketing push went out and the community gathered around each other, the team, and the vision set forth.

2nd, Zeus Finance made immediate changes to the business model, ensuring that the $ZEUS token held utility. Without utility, a token’s price depreciates until it holds no value. So, as the first phase of launching utility for $ZEUS, the team released Single-Sided Staking through profit sharing; Zeus Finance released the $ZEUS-$USDC Stability Pool on their dApp.

Staked $ZEUS earns $USDC.

As of this writing, there is currently about 2,465,000 $ZEUS staked to the pool and consistently growing. Olympians are leveraging their $ZEUS tokens and earning passive income by doing so.

3rd, knowing that they needed a higher degree of professionalism, Zeus Finance released the next phase of their roadmap in September of 2022, and launched $ZEUS v2, providing more versatility for the protocol’s native token.

In addition to the transition to v2, the bonding mechanism was released to allow for a steady, sustainable supply growth while growing the treasury and providing a discount to Olympians on $ZEUS in the process.

AND, all while the transition occurred, the team released a new User Interface for the dApp, displaying something much more sleek than the original design.

September 2022 was a major month in the protocol’s life!

4th, Zeus Finance released their NFT Collection, ‘The Olympians of Avalanche,’ which will serve as the only way to receive $ZEUS emissions after the node transition (along with some other bonuses). The community was absolutely fantastic at sticking to their investment strategies, never listing below mint price.

Currently, the Floor Price (FP) on Alpashares sits at 12 AVAX with only one available, and the next being 15 AVAX, with only one available. That’s very good for a collection that had an initial mint price of 2.5 AVAX all while being in a bear market.

Real good, my Olympians!

5th, Zeus Finance took a major step forward as a protocol and launched Aegis and The Pantheon. With Aegis, Zeus Finance intends on providing the Accreditation Standard for Transparency in Web3, across all blockchains. Zeus Finance believes that determining, implementing, and continued improvement of processes and systems truly drives desired outcomes. With Aegis, Quality Assurance standards are introduced to each member of The Pantheon, the community of communities.

6th, major decisions were made regarding nodes and the future of $ZEUS emissions. Zeus Finance introduced a brave new nodel model for the future. The model began with a 30% reward cut on November 3rd, 2022; the first reward cut since the inception of the protocol.

As identified, as nodes emit a native token as a reward, node owners need to sell the tokens in order to profit. To solve this problem of unsustainability and eventual demise, Zeus Finance released a model that states how they are moving to a sustainable, healthy, and realistic model for nodes.

The protocol will transition their nodes into their revenue sharing model, where the nodes will emit $USDC instead of $ZEUS.

7th, Zeus Finance has started their end-of-year, holiday festivities, closing out the year with the 12 Days of Zeusmas and an Olympian Award Ceremony.

The team decided to ease out the year with some celebrations and giveaways before the grind starts again in January 2023.

Where We Are:

Most of building through the bear market comes down to strategy. Without thinking steps ahead, failure lingers like Death over the aging, the clutch getting tighter. As of now, Zeus Finance is currently finishing up some scheduled meetings and finalizing some plans internally, but otherwise sticking to the roadmap laid out with some slight pivots — strategy — to eliminate the chance of failure.

December is a slow time for many financial businesses, and it seems like it doesn’t differ in cryptocurrency. Most teams are holding off launches, updates, and even meetings until the New Year (and possibly until the space opens up with some more positivity). This bear market, in combination with the absolute desolation of trust within the space, is making teams act differently. Teams are taking a step back and observing.

What is the best way to move forward? How can we capitalize on this down-time?

Zeus Finance has made some decisions internally to help pivot the protocol towards more success. Let’s take a look at what the team has been working on though.

Marketing: The Weekly ZeusSpace is some of the best marketing content that Zeus Finance produces, and the spaces themselves have been getting juicier in content and populated with more listeners. They’re constantly growing. These will continue to go on and we intend on eventually expanding on them on some point.

In addition to the weekly ZeusSpaces, Twitter activity has picked up tenfold with the giveaways and ‘12 Days of Zeusmas’ officially launched. Outside of this, and the constant talks with partners (which has slightly halted due to December slow down), both Morpheus and I are recording more content with our beloved community member, Frank7, which will be posted to the social media channels. The content is coming out great and we look forward to releasing it for the community — and everyone else gathering interest in Zeus Finance. Be on the lookout for the new videos!

Otherwise, next year likely brings a new narrative and with that, a new method in reaching users. The team will observe and take action.

Products & Utility: Zeus Finance has been focused on finalizing the build on the node model where the nodes emit both $USDC and $ZEUS. Once that is finished, upon revenue reviewal, Phase 1 will be initiated.

The devs are also finalizing the build on the voting escrow mechanism — veZEUS — and on the Node Marketplace, where nodes will no longer be a sunk cost due to the inability to exchange or sell them.

The team also had an internal meeting about Aegis and The Pantheon and the best ways to move forward with providing the quality assurance service and transparency accreditation to protocols (especially while in a bear market). A plan moving forward has been reached and Dionysus and I are finalizing the details for the new model. Once finalized, the team will move forward in utilizing the new model with protocols.

Where We Are Going:

2023 is on the horizon! The New Year is only a couple of weeks away! It’s almost time to get a fresh start to the financial year.

As stated, 2022 was a wild ride, filled with ups and downs, left and rights, ins and outs. Though, it was special. Between earning passive income and meeting new friends, it’s one to remember.

Now, it’s been said plenty of times and it will continue to be said: the focus is on revenue. The more revenue Zeus Finance brings in, the more passive income Olympians receive. The focus is obviously also pivoting from receiving income purely from the user base through services provided, to receiving the majority of income from other protocols through Aegis and its transparency accreditation.

With that being said, the focus of this article was about reflecting on the year and focusing on the milestones achieved. But, reflection is also about learning from the past.

Moving forward, the team intends on focusing on improved development and ensuring that internal communication is sound. In addition, Zeus Finance intends on focusing less on spreading thin — offering a ton of different services — and more-so on Aegis and producing revenue from the services provided to partnering protocols so that investors can reap the rewards through the revenue share. If Zeus Finance wants Aegis to become the standard in transparency, it will have to be one of the main focuses moving forward.

For instance, in America, The Better Business Bureau — who provides the ‘ethical marketplace’ standard for businesses — earns about $5.5 Billion in revenue per year for the services that they provide. Zeus Finance intends on bringing a similar service to the blockchain and Web3, so one can imagine the potential of such services on a platform that spans the globe.

Otherwise, outside of increasing revenue, the focus in 2023 is on the community and expanding its growth (and wealth). Olympians deserve to earn some of the best APR across the space, and the team will do everything in their power to make that happen.

But, where’s the alpha?

I know, it’s usually expected. And, generally there is alpha to share, but right now Zeus Finance is going to keep any major alpha for themselves.

Though, remember that the dApp is being redesigned to be more cohesive and on par with the main website. For those waiting for something new, the team sees that this should be finished and released towards the beginning of 2023.

Olympians, it’s been an amazing year shared with you all.

Allow me to close this year with a message that I’d like you to reflect on, which it matters not where it originates.

“We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren. He that loves not his brother abides in death.”



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