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The Olympus Post, Vol. III

May 8th, 2022: Reborn; Moving Forward

Hello Olympians!

Another week behind us, another week ahead. We continue to deliver on the promises we proclaim, and we will do everything in our power to continue to do so moving forward.

Let us be honest, the current macroeconomic market — this global financial outlook — is quite dreadful. Bitcoin has been tanking, with various bear traps that lure immature investors in only to strip them of their hard earned capital. The alt-coins have been doing worse, with only a few finding green candles in this harsh atmosphere. Stocks are sinking. Foreign currencies can’t seem to find ground. It’s practically a recession.

Though, let us remind you — Zeus Finance will continue to provide passive income to Olympians regardless of what lay ahead.

Just…be careful out there. Be conscious of what’s going on and navigate through the gloom with guards up. The preservation of capital is most important.

Where We Have Been:

Over this last week, due to the success of our first AMA, in combination with North Equity and their marketing campaign, we found a lot of traction in our discord. About 600 new members joined, all curious and gaining the courage to start their path to ascending wealth! For all Olympians out there reading, old and new, here is the path that lay immediately behind us.

1st, North Equity, our partner for marketing, spent their first week or so analyzing a lot of the market and the segments that they plan to focus on, ensuring that their campaign is successful. They then started to work their magic, doing what they do best — direct outreach and developing organic relationships. We will see significant growth in the upcoming weeks, with analytics of their current work provided in the next few days. We look forward to seeing the data, seeing exactly how their work impacts us directly.

2nd, the ‘Olympus Lottery’ found its winners! Congratulations to all of the Olympians that won and thank you to everyone that took part in our first drawing! Make sure that you purchase your tickets this week for the next drawing, tZeusday, May 10th! Play here!

3rd, we held our first AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) ever, where the questions provided before the event, by the community, were all answered for everyone that was interested. We also used the end of the AMA to field any questions that community members had on the spot. Thanks for all of your questions! We look forward to our next AMA, this tZeusday with North Equity.

4th, a discord invite challenge for our members was started up! The competition officially ended yesterday on Saturday, May 7th, and we saw nice growth in our community numbers on discord. The top 3 members that got the most people to join the community using their server invite link have been chosen and are awaiting their prize. Congratulations! We appreciate all the help spreading the word.

Where We Are:

Here, in the pantheon, the Gods of Olympus deliberate about the path forward. While we have decided on our first real piece of utility for $ZEUS — currently being built out — we are still refining the next phases to ensure that the tokenomic structure works in the long run. Again, we want sustainability and prosperity, making sure that how we supply passive income is a path that can sustain without needing to pivot too much if the time comes. Though, we are always ready to pivot business models if required. We don’t see that in the foreseeable future, so for now, we continue to ascend on our journey.

Rebrand: We are still in the midst of a complete rebrand into Zeus Finance. As mentioned, we will be redesigning and customizing every aspect of our approach moving forward. The goal here is to become a decentralized financial suite and we want our image to represent that, but we are still in the middle of the redesign. It’s not the first focus, but know, we are fully aware that a more sleek and appealing homepage and dApp will attract even more potential investors.

Utility: There have been great suggestions posted in our discord channel and remember, the team is always evaluating these suggestions and how practical they’d be to apply to our protocol. We are also still deliberating on the next piece to our puzzle. We have a path laid out, we are just letting the devs do their work before fully moving onto the next phases of the protocol. With that being said, we are currently working on the first real phase of utility for $ZEUS — our Single Side Staking with the Stability Fund — and it’ll likely change the trajectory of our entire journey forward.

Discord Levels: In addition to the discord invite competition we held, we will also be releasing a chat ranking system which will have potential benefits in the future for our highest ranking — most active — Residents of Olympus on discord. Keep your eye out for this, it will be releasing soon! This means that for anyone not currently a Resident of Olympus in our discord, make sure you get verified. Once verified, you become a Resident of Olympus.

Ask-Me-Anything’s (AMAs): To help with communication and transparency, we are now holding AMA’s, with the first already behind us! We will have our second AMA on tZeusday, May 10th with North Equities that will be posted to Youtube. In the second AMA, Ares, Morpheus, and I (Helios), will be doxxing. Yup, we are coming forward and showing everyone who we are.

Note, we have provided a discord channel for you all to drop questions in, so don’t be shy. If there is anything that you want to know from Zeus Finance or Northern Equity, make sure you ask!

Where We Are Going:

The future is bright. We can feel it. We can see it. We can taste it. There are so many things that we have lined up that we are really excited here on Mt. Olympus. We wish we could tell you everything that we have coming up, but then, where’s the fun in that? I’ll do my best to give you just enough alpha to make you come back for more. Well, anyway, here is just a shortlist of what we have coming up.

Litepaper: As mentioned, we are developing a shortened, succinct version of our Whitepaper which is known as a Litepaper. Our goal with the Litepaper is to synthesize the contents of our Whitepaper while maintaining the significant points of the document. We expect that this will allow current and future Olympians to read the fundamentals of our project in a shorter time frame and decide if the Whitepaper is worth a look. Now that the Whitepaper is updated, a Litepaper will be written up, edited, and officially released.

Web Design: With the rebrand came a new logo and entirely new image. As the updates come rolling out, one of the future updates we will be making in regards to the rebrand will be an entirely new layout and structure to our Homepage and dApp. We will essentially be redesigning the protocol so that it’s more intuitive to use and real sleek for Olympians — future and current citizens. A new design will help us stand out as a decentralized financial suite that keeps your capital safe while providing a multiplicity of tools to ascend wealth.

Taxes and Fees: As we have mentioned throughout our chats and within the recent AMA, we will be updating the tax structure to ensure that those Olympians that intend on selling daily, the ones that are disregarding the negative effects that their behavior has on price action and therefore, the future of their investment, we will now be introducing a brand new tax structure. With this new tax structure, we intend on incentivizing investors to hold their $ZEUS rewards longer than a day or so, and with that, encourage using their $ZEUS for something else other than selling daily. For those investors that decide to hold out from claiming rewards and can diamond hand $ZEUS, know that you also have a nice update coming.

So, while we introduce a new tax structure to encourage better decision making, we will also be introducing maintenance fees. This is a touchy subject for some node holders, and we are well aware that investors aren’t quite sure why node protocols introduce maintenance fees (especially if it doesn’t cost extra money to maintain a node). The maintenance fees are technically paying for the maintenance of the protocol itself, a fee to help the upkeep of the project to ensure exponential growth in the future. These fees are used for revenue sharing through the staking we are introducing, it is used for future investments, it’s also going to be used for marketing, helping our protocol expand. Overall, the fees go back to the community and growth of the protocol.

But, we don’t want to introduce all of this without some more utility for $ZEUS to help you earn. This brings me to what’s next.

**Alpha: This is the section that many of you skip to right away to get the quick updates on really what’s in store. So here it is: What’s a mammal that has scales, a tongue like an anteater, sprays like a skunk, and rolls up into a ball? Do you know?

What this means is: We have officially partnered with Pangolin! Yes, you heard it here! We have officially partnered with an absolutely amazing DEX and will be getting Whitelisted on their exchange. It comes at a perfect time for both our protocol and theirs, as they are in the middle of a full rebrand as well and transitioning into their upgraded V2 UI.

For those that don’t know, Pangolin is a decentralized exchange built on Avalanche that features their native governance token, PNG. We like Pangolin so much because it is a fully community-driven protocol and it is capable of trading all tokens issued on both Ethereum and Avalanche. It has great connects with some major blue chips in the crypto realm and we can utilize these partnerships further through them. We see that the main advantages to Pangolin are critically important and in-line with how we envision exchanging cryptocurrency: fast and cheap trades, community-driven development, and a fair and open token distribution. The team for Pangolin doesn’t receive any token distribution, whereas some other DEX’s on Avalanche, which I won’t name, have taken 25% of the coins distributed for their team. We can see the issues here and how that may create an imbalance, hence why we respect Pangolin so much.

Basically, Pangolin is a response to two critical issues that other Automated Market Maker (AMM)’s face: subpar performance and governance controls that benefit a few large holders. Pangolin also provides liquidity pools, farms, and staking for revenue sharing. With Pangolin, our users will be able to enjoy centralized-exchange-like speeds without having to compromise access to their existing portfolio of assets and without having to give control to large insiders. We intend on utilizing this partnership, which comes with more marketing and exposure, more liquidity, and more utility for $ZEUS and so we hope that this partnership make our Olympians excited.

We don’t want to give too much information away, but we hope that all those farmers out there are ready to get to work! I’ve teased some staking that comes before our single side staking through our Stability Farm. Does this partnership have something to do with it?

“Learning is not child’s play; we cannot learn without pain.” - Aristotle



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