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The Olympus Post, Vol. XIV

July 31st, 2022: Stay Grounded

Greetings Olympians!

There was a break in The Olympus Posts last week, allowing for a little break for myself, as well as just allowing the community breathe and create some dialogue amongst one another. There is definitely more cohesiveness within our Discord now, and anyone coming in with questions or concerns are always met with kindness, from both team members and Olympians. It’s really great to see as a team and we only want to keep fostering this organic, authentic growth.

With all that being said — kindness spreads — allow me to get into this weeks post. As mentioned, I will be scaling back some of the explicit alpha. Maybe there will be more subtle, crafty displays of what’s to come.

Where We Have Been:

1st, we have been truly enjoying our ZeusSpaces that we hold every tZeusday! We want to just say thank you to all of our guests that have joined us and every guest that we have moving forward. We really want to start to bring up some community members, so get some thoughts and topics in mind that you may want to talk to us about. This is one of the ways we want to build accordance, beginning to incorporate other communities within to ours. Help us grow by spreading the word!

2nd, we want to thank The Golden Society for joining us on our AMA last week. Olympians got to learn a ton about what Golden Society stands for, what their intentions are, and how they plan on going about it. Seeing experienced developers and teams — with such cohesion — is pretty rare to see in this space. We are not knocking teams that are full of younger members, but seeing a team with some real experience and wisdom on how real companies work is satisfying.

We are also happy to see members of The Golden Society come come transition into our community, bringing their knowledge and skills into the conversations we have. We welcome all, so anyone on the fence about joining us, come see what we are all about!

3rd, our rising team member, Dionysus, has blessed us with a Protocol Report, detailing our second quarter. This report focused much more on analytics, displaying numbers simply so that anyone who checks it out can understand the break down. With our constant newsletters, ZeusSpaces, AMAs, and activity in Discord, now paired with these quarterly analytic reports, we intend on having the most transparent of any team in cryptocurrency. If you have any more ideas, please suggest them to us. Transparency is key here.

Where We Are:

The Pantheon does not stop innovating, discussing, and producing for Olympians to continue on their journey towards ascending wealth. For anyone that has been here since the beginning, they know that we have had to weather so many storms and change our path towards ascension countless times. For anyone that plans on joining us, we will continue to change and pivot when necessary while simultaneously building new utility that not only investors need, but utility that what we envision the entire DeFi space values. Let’s see how we are making this happen.

Marketing: The marketing with North Equities is coming to an end. The time is near. We do have a discussion with them about what may be next to come while being provided with analytics about how the entire campaign went. We look forward to seeing how they did on their end and what results came from the work they put out. We know based on the input, that NE put in more work than in the beginning and we really liked what we were seeing. We hope that the output matched the input.

Chainlink marketing, based on the discussions that have been had, should be started this week. Morpheus and I will be writing some content for us so that Chainlink will begin their posts on us. We have already discussed what we expect will come from the widespread reach of Chainlink. We will keep you updated on this and share anything they post.

Partnerships: Somewhat of an extension of marketing, I will say that partnerships are one of the main focuses of the Zeus Finance team right now. The devs continue their work, building out the structure of the protocol, while we as a team continue to do the work we must do to ensure we keep and grow members of our community. As you saw, we had discussions with Golden Society and their future as a protocol. We currently have the intention of creating a partnership with them once their utility is released. We have discussions with them this week. We will update you all with with any moves forward.

Other than the current partnerships we hold, and the potential one with Golden Society, we also have been having discussions with other protocols on how we can benefit each other.

Last week, Morpheus and I jumped on a call with another blue chip in the space, where we were provided details of their services and how we can move forward. We have another meeting with their technical team this week so we can see what comes of this. Their products are very useful, and their vision not only aligns with ours, but their team is experienced and focuses on fixing things that don’t work. We aren’t revealing names because we haven’t decided to fully move forward yet. Will provide details if anything comes about.

Morpheus and Oracle of Delphi have also been reaching out to other protocols and have caught a few conversations. These potential partnerships are also in very early stages, and if and when things move forward with them, we will reveal the details accordingly.

Utility: Zeus Finance knows that utility, in this phase of the game, is a requirement to move forward. Without it, a slow death would occur. Meme coins and coins with just ‘potential’ and no working product are not being bought because they can’t be utilized. Coins that have ‘potential’ and no utility that are being purchased — one coin comes to mind that I won’t name — have potential utility that the world has never seen, something truly special and generally unattainable.

For Zeus Finance, we are building a decentralized financial suite and the products that we are building are congruent to this vision. Right now, in the beginning of our journey, we are still on the path to creating a typical financial suite with the benefits of decentralization and the advances of blockchain technology. We are not building anything absolutely breath-taking, but we are building something that works.

This is the foundation — our protocol must be able to withstand anything.

Passive income is not easy to come by, and we here in the pantheon are actually creating a protocol that provides passive income, through real revenue, for anyone that has access to a computer or smart phone and a digital wallet.

Zeus Finance provides passive income with you in mind.

Where We Are Going:

The intention here is to provide details about our vision. The issue is, detailing our vision seems to provide too much alpha for other protocols, not truly allowing us to stand out before other protocol adoption. There will be a fine line between too much alpha and also not satisfying my goal of detailing the vision we see moving forward.

I have updated the roadmap for what we see ahead within the next 6–9 months. That roadmap will outline the large checkpoints we plan on reaching. For those of you who don’t know, haven’t seen it, or are still curious about what’s next, allow me to discuss it a bit here.

NFTs: We have NFT’s coming soon. These ARE NOT the NFT’s that provide bonus rewards or hold some special utility for Zeus Finance’s products. The NFT’s that we are releasing soon are essentially profile pictures (PFPs) and are just a little gift to our early investors and true believers that would like to feel included within our community. The NFT’s will be a way to help unify our community and then essentially market our protocol through this unity through social media platforms from constant exposure.

Currently, we have no intention of giving these NFT’s actual utility other than the potential of allowing these NFT holders (or holders of multiple NFTs) to be Whitelisted for the future NFT’s that do, in fact, provide bonuses. The bonus NFT’s will be rare, so holding the upcoming NFTs will give you the potential to be whitelisted, gaining an advantage over those who don’t hold Olympian NFTs. For now, that is the only additional perk we will be adding to these, though, NFT’s are versatile and so we do have some ideas on how to build upon the upcoming release.

I, Helios, am actually going to be the one designing them and also drawing them up. My intention is to create them similar to how developers design video game characters, something conceptual but still represents the symbol, persona, or archetype that I am trying to display. I also intend on adding elements of Ancient Greek art, bridging both antiquity and modernity through my design. My intention is to provide our investors with avatars that can represent who they are virtually. These NFT’s will serve as profile pictures for our Olympians. It’s purely about cohesiveness within the community.

*With time, and if our community was interested, we can possibly create 3D models based on these concepts and provide them as airdrops in the future. The goal would be to help investors bridge into the metaverse, holding an NFT that represents who they are, a virtual avatar. This is only the beginning. Time will tell where we end up.

Utility: I will briefly outline our roadmap again, for clarity. It will be brief, allowing for some imagination from our members.

Contract Upgrade, v2: We will be upgrading our contract. This will require a token swap. The goal is to give our protocol more versatility with the new contract, giving us room to grow at a healthy rate while simultaneously increasing our treasury which will allow for higher emissions through profit sharing. Our current contract limits us to about 1 million tokens and does not allow us to move in the path we see fit. The new contract allows inflationary and deflationary token mechanisms, providing us with that utility we are looking for.

Bonding: With our contract upgrade, we will be releasing our bonding mechanism. Through bonding, investors will have the ability to sell assets to Zeus Finance, in return for $ZEUS at a large discount, vested over a small period of time. This benefits Zeus Finance through allowing organic growth of our token supply (which we need) through inflation, while also allowing our investors to purchase $ZEUS at a discount, essentially providing discounts on nodes and staking.

Decentralized Exchange: After the contract upgrade and the introduction of bonding, we will be focusing on the release of our DEX. Our DEX will focus on slippage and introducing a new exclusive community of trusted coins. We also intend on owning a lot of the liquidity through bonding, allowing our DEX to focus on yield farming with secure funds. We believe that the combination of owning our own liquidity through bonds, in addition to being a DEX, will help us dominate the liquidity realm and lower slippage involved in swaps.

Memberships: In the beginning of 2023, we intend on releasing memberships, allowing our Olympians to lock-up tokens for a specified period of time a receive bonuses in accordance to the membership attained. Through memberships, Olympians will receive access to future Zeus Finance products, such as the upcoming product — adding xUSDC to our Stability Fund. Yes, you will have the opportunity to earn $USDC on your $USDC.

We have an array of utility coming for $ZEUS — just be patient.

Alpha: Do we have any Olympians that know a bit about Greek mythology? Is anyone familiar with the concept of the “Aegis” and its symbolism?

The aegis (pronouced ee-gis), is interpreted as being a ‘shield’ or ‘protection’ for the wielder, and through ancient myth, was created for Zeus and then given to Athena. The word aegis is identified with protection, with covering, essentially by a strong force with its etymological roots in Greek mythology, specifically in Homer’s Illiad, and adopted later by the Romans; which is why we can see the word still used today in the English language (English is based on Roman and Germanic roots).

The aegis appears in various works of art, sometimes as an animal’s skin thrown over Athena’s shoulders and arms, occasionally with a border of snakes, usually also bearing a Gorgon head, and sometimes it is represented as a shield, seen worn by emperors and warriors.

Simply put, the aegis is a symbol for protection.

I’ll let you get creative now.

“As the essence of courage is to stake one’s life on a possibility, so the essence of faith is to believe the possibility exists.” — William Salter



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