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The Olympus Post, Vol. XIX

September 4th, 2022: Are You Ready? Prepare!


Greetings to all — those who have been here and those just joining us on the road of ascension! September has arrived which means that the major updates to our protocol are essentially ready to go! We have been working extremely hard through this bear market and we feel like we are now positioned to truly capitalize on all of that work. Olympians are in for a very exciting month, especially with some events scheduled that we haven’t announced yet! Can September actually get better than you even thought? Let’s dive in and see.

Where We Have Been:

As I’ve mentioned, we have been working really hard. With our small team, we have been able to accomplish so much in such a short amount of time. We are really happy with the output of production and will continue on our path, ensuring our Olympians reap the rewards that they deserve for all of the support they have provided.

You, Olympians, have been fighting hard to support us and we appreciate all of the effort. This last week wasn’t so eventful for you all, but for the team, we were quite busy.

1st, we had an update on our node fees. With our price action changing, we actually had a decline in fees for each node tier. The are currently set as:

Hercules Node: Free/node

Hera Node: Free/node

Zeus Node: $1.91/node

Kronos Node: $14.34/node

As a reminder, our fees are paid in $AVAX and are evaluated and changed every other week based on the 30-Day average price of $ZEUS.

2nd, we welcomed two new members to the circle of gods on Mt. Olympus! For those who have not stopped into the Discord yet to say hey, Apollo and Aeolus are now official members of the team!

Apollo, which many of you know as XANR, has earned his way onto the team. With all of his hard work (website design and content), he has climbed the ranks of godhood and has become a god himself, serving as our new “Community Designer,” someone ready to create content and update our websites when necessary, providing his creative skills in places where we need them. Keep a lookout on new content like updates to our website, social media, discord, etc. Maybe he will even end up designing some apparel? Creativity constantly expands, so we will see what happens.

Aeolus is a new member of our community, and will serve as one of our new moderators. He has deep knowledge in technical analysis and most of his experience originates from his trading experiences in FOREX. He is starting to dive into cryptocurrency and wants to lend his knowledge to the team and community where he can. You will likely catch his talks and charts on Technical Analysis (TA) in our new discord channel, #technical-analysis.

Where We Are:


We are essentially just finalizing everything on our end to make sure the transition from v1 to v2 is smooth. Keep in mind, we are releasing a new token contract for $ZEUS, single-sided staking with the new $ZEUS token, a bonding mechanism where you can mint $ZEUS at a discount, an updated dApp with a new design, launching ‘The Pantheon’ and its QA standard, Aegis, all in addition to releasing a new NFT Collection, The Olympians of Avalanche. This is all coming this month!

PLUS, we also have a surprise coming at the end of the month, and it involves one of our official new partners and integrating some of their products into our protocol, truly creating a decentralized financial suite. Our goal is to become the go-to protocol for decentralized financial services, a place where you can truly make your money work for you, making it easily transferrable, easily swappable, and easily manageable, all within a transparent protocol.

Essentially, we are just working on the final pieces to our initial rollout of the next phase of our protocol’s journey.

Partnerships: We have actually locked-in two partnerships so far and plan on locking in one or two more before officially launching ‘The Pantheon.’ We will be providing more details on the partnerships and how they benefit each other once The Pantheon is closer to launch. We are very excited to have locked-in the current partners and are working diligently in acquiring the final partnerships for this phase before moving forward.

NFTs: I will be releasing an article that outlines the details of the official launch of ‘The Olympians of Avalanche.’ As of now, the tentative release date is tZeusday, September 13th and based on the current price of $AVAX, will likely be priced in at 2.5 AVAX per mint. Again, the date and price are still tentative and the official article will outline the finalized details.

Updates: You all know what current updates are being worked on, we have been discussing them and providing updates along the way. The upgrades and updates to our protocol are essentially complete and we are launching each update based on timing that we see fit. I will also be releasing an article about the new token launch and what that entails.

As of right now, the following deadlines are all tentative, but we want to show you all what we see for the month moving forward and be transparent about our plans.

9/13: Launch ‘The Olympians of Avalanche”

9/15: Launch new dApp, Launch new v2 token, Launch updated SSS w/ new v2 token

9/19: Release bonding, Launch ‘The Pantheon’

9/21: Integrate & launch new surprise*

9/29: Integrate & launch new surprise*

Again, this is all tentative and subject to change. We will keep you all updated as time progresses.

Where We Are Going:

As you see, September is looking up for Zeus Finance, regardless of what the market brings. We see our protocol rising in the ranks of legitimacy (and hopefully market cap) and truly look forward to bringing you all on the ride. It feels as if we are blossoming into something new, and the energy in the air feels right.

Once the month comes to an end, then what? What should Olympians look forward to for the rest of the year? Is it even possible for Zeus Finance to keep shipping new products efficiently?

We know that our Olympians are curious about what’s next for Zeus Finance, especially since so much focus has been on the releases for this month. Currently, our roadmap outlines a DEX, memberships, SSS USDC-USDC pool, and a marketplace for nodes. As of right now, we will keep everything the same and will be updating you all with what’s next when we feel it is appropriate.

As of now, we would like everyone to focus on this month and all of the releases that we have coming. In future Olympus Posts, you will be filled in with more details on what is next. No alpha this week!

Just get ready to ascend wealth.

“The only way out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive.” — John Green



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