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The Olympus Post, Vol. XVIII

August 28th, 2022: Gimme The Deets

Greetings Olympians!

I bring you another post from Mt.Olympus, something to ease the pain during this constant market bleed. It’s truly been months that we have been in this bear market, with little relief coming in forms of bear traps. When we view bear traps as the only form of relief, you know it’s not a very good time to be a trader. But, outside of trading, cryptocurrency also relies on building, innovation, creation, production, community, and transparency— all things that we focus on outside of just the exchange of our native token.

Through these down times in the market, we are creating positive vibes in our protocol, getting ready for major releases — many that are almost ready to launch. September is going to be a month full of releases, so regardless of the market sentiment, Zeus Finance is excited for the month to come. Let’s take a look and see how it’s been going on Mt.Olympus.

Where We Have Been:

This last week was another eventful one for the team; tons of talks with other protocols and finalizing builds and models — both business and tokenomic — still being the focus. There are still weekly discussions that occur between the team to really flesh out every detail that pairs with every decision we make. All of us serve as the checks-and-balances to the other, ensuring that no detail is missed and that we aren’t just a team of ‘yes-men.’

Sometimes, ideas seem really great, and then when discussed as a team, we figure out the holes and problems that can potentially occur if that idea were to be pursued. With each one of us is coming from an entirely different perspective regarding cryptocurrency, the talks are always constructive, passionate, yet logical. The experience we hold in our former professional lives spring forth during these talks, eventually ending with a solution that we all agree upon.

We take the future of our protocol extremely serious and we all, both the team and investors, want the same thing in the end: Zeus Finance is a success and emits real passive income to investors. With the current decisions being made behind the scenes, we foresee our goal coming to fruition. We will make sure Zeus Finance is successful and remains one of the best protocols for receiving real passive income. To ensure our goals are accomplished, we remain transparent, active, and always on the edge of our seats ready to pivot.

1st, I’d like to say that our team is putting in that work and doing everything we can do to acquire more partners and investors— only moves benefiting our Olympians. The social activity is increasing, our ZeusSpaces are being watched and listened to more and more weekly based on statistics, and our Discord channel is actually becoming more active. These are all really good metrics to take into account outside of just revenue.

But, with that being said, I would like to announce that we have locked in a verbal agreement with a crucial partner — for The Pantheon, utilizing Aegis — and are extremely excited to move forward with them. With this partnership, our vision of a more transparent and safe decentralized financial realm begins to aggregate; a collective is beginning to form. Web3, and specifically Avalanche, should be ready to embrace the future, a future based around transparency and trust. Once the paperwork is signed and the partnership is fully locked-in, we will announce the details. Stay tuned.

2nd, I’d like to announce that we had our winners chosen for our $USDC Olympus Lottery drawing. Winners have been announced in Discord and rewards have been distributed. Remember, the Olympus Lottery is now officially ran in $USDC; tickets and winnings are paid in $USDC. Get lucky and join the Olympus Lottery now!

Where We Are:

I can say it every week — we are building, innovating, and in fact, actually transforming our protocol into a god of a decentralized financial suite.

For everyone that has been with us and are maybe even joining us now — we are building a protocol that you can always come to, for financial OR community support. Part of building a protocol on Web3 is building a group of trusted peers, and so far, we have a fantastic group of Olympians that are always ready to encourage positivity and help others in need, especially newcomers.

It’s interesting, it’s as if we as a team are doing what we can to build the protocol, but you individuals, you reading this right now, you are building the community. You are building the reality of what Zeus Finance is as an entity, as a unit. Every belief you have about $ZEUS lends to the reality that it eventually becomes, and therefore, I thank you for remaining so positive; keep spreading the love. Keep spreading YOUR love.

But right before you go and spread the infinite energy harnessed within you, let’s see what is being worked on.

NFTs: Right now, I’d say that I’m just about finishing up the collection, finalizing the 10 Legendaries, the 1/1 art pieces. Allow me to break down some of the details that are finalized about the NFTs.

‘The Olympians of Avalanche” will be a collection of 500 NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) that serve to unite the Zeus Finance community, rewarding the most active of users, and onboarding new ‘Olympians’ into the protocol. For clarity, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are digital assets written on smart contracts. They are unique, individual, and cryptographic intellectual pieces of property. You can essentially think of them as collectible items. One non-fungible token cannot be exchanged for another because each of them contains something unique in and of itself. They can only be exchanged as an individual asset; they are each a unique, scarce, individual tokenized piece of property.

These 500 NFT’s will be broken down into 4 different tiers, based on the apparel they wear and personally designated by me, Helios, the artist of the collection. Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Common; the tiers will serve to show how rare each piece is, inherently raising the value of them.

Legendary: 10 Total

Epic: 90 Total

Rare: 150 Total

Common: 250 Total

I grew up reading comics and manga, watching anime, playing video games, watching movies. I took in a lot of different sources of media and entertainment like most westerners. But, what stood out the most was video games, and so a lot of my inspiration originates from seeing concept art for video games like World of Warcraft (kek), Assassin’s Creed, Final Fantasy, and The Legend of Zelda. I’m also inspired by Lord of The Rings, Mad Max, DBZ, Samurai Champloo, Neon Genesis: Evangelion, and some Cowboy Bebop even. I always flipped through Game Informer or searched IGN for art, sometimes going to game websites themselves to see ideas. I’d doodle in school, artwork plastered all over my classwork and notebooks, helping me stay sane as I listened to nonsense spew from a teachers mouth before heading off to football or basketball practice, late afternoon.

As you can see from the art style I chose, I took the concept art idea and threw it into our NFT collection. You could say the art is dear to my heart, taking concepts from my childhood and young adulthood and throwing it on the Olympians. I like clean lines, but the sketch look and concept art idea just felt right for this collection — for my first official NFT collection.

But, anyway…to purchase an NFT, you will be required to ‘mint’ a randomly chosen, verified, Olympian of Avalanche for about 2 AVAX (with the decrease in $AVAX price, this may be subject to slightly increase). After purchase, you will receive a designated token based on the distribution of the smart contract. Each mint has the same chance in receiving a legendary. *Please note, the NFT marketplace that Zeus Finance will be launching the collection on has not been determined yet. We will make a separate announcement with the details of the time and marketplace of launch.

For those who are Whitelisted (WL), you will have the opportunity to purchase a maximum of 2 mints during the 30 minute Whitelist opening. This 30 minute opening will be 30 minutes prior — earlier — than the Public Mint. After the 30 minutes of the Whitelist Mint has expired, the Public Mint will open up where anyone is open to purchasing any amount of mints they desire. As of right now, we will be holding 100 WL spots for Residents of Olympus (Discord), and 50 for the public to earn upon social media activity.

To be clear, each NFT will cost about 2 AVAX (we originally priced it at around 45–50 USDC) to mint with 150 WL spots, 2 NFTs to buy max during WL mint. This means that a total of 300 NFTs will be available for purchase during WL mint, at max. That leaves 200 total for the public. First come first serve.

*If all Whitelist mints aren’t bought, they are carried over to the public mint.

As of right now, the purpose of the NFTs are to unite the active community members and to help promote the protocol. The secondary purpose of the NFTs, that we have currently decided, will be to basically serve as a lottery ticket to becoming Whitelisted for the upcoming reward booster NFTs that we will be releasing in the future. That means, the more NFTs that you hold, the higher the chance that you will have in becoming Whitelisted for the reward booster NFTs. Keep in mind, there will only be 100 or less NFT boosters available (probably closer to 50), and the only way to acquire them will be through holding a Whitelist spot for their purchase. Yup, that means that these NFTs are the ticket into getting even a remote chance at the reward boosters.

Now, that does not mean that we are going to stop there with the utility of these NFTs. We are currently talking about other ways that we can create value for these Olympians of Avalanche and know, it’s going to be useful. We foresee a few paths forward for these rare pieces of art, and will keep you all — especially those who become an Olympian of Avalanche — up-to-date with the journey forward for the collection. For a few examples — again, none are chosen and nothing is solidified in this respect — can be backing the NFT’s with a cryptocurrency, or even a few tokens. We can possibly update their contracts into becoming a type of booster themselves, or even serving as an asset that emits $ZEUS in the future, where the more rare the tier, the more $ZEUS that’s emitted. They can possibly serve as your membership pass to in-person events, online opportunities, or even airdrops to other NFT collections, token launches, or prizes like tickets to real life events. Maybe they can serve as all of these examples! The possibilities are truly endless with NFT’s and we plan on creating real value with these assets.

So, prepare for the launch this September! We look forward to bringing some more unity to our community.

Partnerships: As shown above, we are doing what we can behind the scenes in solidifying partnerships, especially for The Pantheon of Trust. With partnerships built through The Pantheon, we will utilize Aegis as a standard, ensuring trust is built throughout DeFi. Right now, the focus is on building The Pantheon, a collective of trusted protocols that rely on each other and our standard, Aegis, to help legitimize our protocol and bring value to Web3.

As we make partnerships and finalize them through signed contracts, we will announce them publicly. Until then, any partnerships that are in talks and/or even verbally agreed upon remain as undisclosed.

Utility: At this point, Aegis, our new token contract, and the bonding mechanism are finished and we are making sure our single sided staking is ready to go upon launch of our new token. The new design for the dApp is currently being implemented and should be done and launched around the middle of September.

We don’t play around when we say that we are building, innovating, and working behind the scenes. This September will bring a brand new look and feel to Zeus Finance, with more reasons to come visit our dApp to invest, earn, play, bond, and ascend wealth — together.

Where We Are Going:

As you can likely see, Zeus Finance doesn’t stop its process. We have fit into our roles, one by one, claiming our seat upon Mt.Olympus. The future feels bright, it’s as if I myself am riding my chariot with the sun behind me, the fluorescence illuminating life below. But, without me getting too fluffy, let me jump into where we are going with some alpha. Pictures usually justify.

**Alpha: With Aegis, we plan on creating a standard within Web3, and specifically DeFi. Rugs no more, transparency galore.

Below, you’ll find an example of an element of our Quality Management Manual, specifically the Policies, Objectives, and Tenets of Zeus Finance and how it’s exemplified through Aegis.

Below, you will find the cover and introduction to our CS1000: International Crypto Quality Standard.

For more information, we will be releasing an official article outlining Aegis and The Pantheon of Trust. We have intentions of creating a small core group before launch, and the article will be released close to the launch of Aegis and The Pantheon of Trust.

I will also share one more sneak peek of the dApp, this time the new and improved Dashboard. Notice, a scrollable ‘Recent Updates’ section so Discord isn’t the only place to see important news! And maybe there are some analytics below the node creation? I guess you’ll have to wait and see. Enjoy!

When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too. - Paulo Coehlo



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