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The Olympus Post, Vol. XXII

October 9th, 2022: Hello, Off-Ramp


Hello to both the old and the new to the community! I bring you all Vol. 22 of The Olympus Post, something brief, presenting some transparency on what’s happening on Mt. Olympus. Allow me to begin by saying that, starting this week, the posts will move to being posted every other week, about 2 or 3 times a month, depending on what day the month begins.

Due to the ongoing building and growth, in combination with the transparency that Zeus Finance has established in various ways, the team has decided to scale back the weekly posts and begin to consistently post them every other week (bi-weekly). With this, I can begin to focus on working on some of the other documents that I have wanted to create in addition to tending to some of the upcoming innovation that must be planned out.

Otherwise, allow me to jump right into this weeks post and give you all what you guys are looking for.

Where We Have Been:

Honestly, we have been deep in it. The developing doesn’t stop, and we have used the last few months to dive right in. In last week’s post, I outlined the culmination of the team’s hard work and dedication, detailing each release that was launched in the month of September. It went back to back, with one week having 3 straight days of releases! September was a great month for Zeus Finance. Now that we are in October, it’s beginning to slow down. Though, just allow me to briefly recall how October started for the project.

1st, the team decided that due to the result of the 20% bond discount and how fast it was selling out, a 10% discount would be a better rate to move forward with for now. Depending on the results of bonding at a 10% discount, the rate may change. Though, for now, 10% will be the foreseeable discount rate for bonding.

2nd, Zeus Finance had planned to integrate and launch the Fiat On/Off- Ramp in partnership with RBX. Due to both RBX and Zeus Finance desiring a seamless experience with absolutely no issues when interacting with the service, RBX’s lead dev felt much more comfortable with a launch for tomorrow, October 10th. Generally, everything has now been tested and working fine, just finalizing for perfection. We truly thought Friday, October 7th was the day, but ran into a few unexpected issues. The team hopes you are all as excited as we are about the release! Say goodbye to those greedy, highly centralized exchanges!

*Note, the Fiat On-Ramp has a $60 minimum.

3rd, we did reach 1,000,000 $ZEUS staked! The community should be so proud for how much leverage you are all creating for yourselves. 1,000,000 tokens staked is huge, especially when it’s more than 75% of the circulating supply. How amazing — the future looks bright!

Where We Are:

Zeus Finance is in the process of creating a financial utopia on Avalanche — a truly decentralized financial suite that provides passive income to every Olympian on their journey of ascending wealth.

The team is slowly expanding, as you all see, and it’s for good reason. Each member holds a specific role and does not waste time in tending to their fruit. Also, keep in mind, we keep the fat trim, wasting no resources on elements of the protocol that are unnecessary. Efficiency is the goal here, and so far with the size of our team, we could say we have capitalized heavily on efficiency. This is important in a bear market for a small, growing protocol. Without the efficiency, Zeus Finance would not be where it is today.

Outside of focusing on efficiency, the team discussed some major moves to move forward with. Let’s take a look at what’s going on with the protocol.

Marketing: This is the time when marketing will be amped up a bit. With the On/Off-Ramp essentially releasing tomorrow, the team now envisions marketing as the next major step in helping Olympians ascend wealth. With an array of revenue producing products and services, the team now believes that it has the leverage needed to make a statement in DeFi.

With that being said, this week, the team had a discussion with an important member of Brave, as in the Browser and BAT token. As of right now, Zeus Finance will be moving forward with one of the services that they provide regarding marketing. The team will gauge how successful the campaign is, moving forward with a larger, more expansive campaign if the results are satisfying. This initial campaign will be more direct, targeting a more specific population. Based on the historical results that Brave provided to the team, a successful campaign is foreseen.

In addition to this, Morpheus has a few other marketing schemes he will be moving forward with. If you have any questions or concerns, please add some questions to our AMA Questions channel in Discord. He would be happy to answer the questions that you may have in the next AMA.

Aegis & The Pantheon: With the slight delay of the On/Off-Ramp, the release of Aegis & The Pantheon is being slightly delayed as well. Apollo recently finished the Official NFT that the team will be sending protocols that are “Aegis Approved” and is making the final touches to the website. As of right now, the target date of The Pantheon’s website release is Friday, October 14th, though may be moved one more time to ensure that everything is in place and final before the launch, including the NFT Contract and a functionally seamless website.

As mentioned, once Aegis & The Pantheon are officially released, Dionysus will head the project and develop that branch of the suite out, onboarding more members and educating the external communities about its necessity and purpose. The team will update its progress and the community will see the network organically grow, creating an ethically derived ecosystem.

A Sneak Peek Of The Official “Aegis Approved” NFT

Utility: The team discussed the next steps moving forward. Based on the current state of the protocol and the slight adjustments made to the roadmap, there will be a new roadmap released in the coming weeks that outlines the future for Zeus Finance.

Many are wondering, “What’s next?” Well, I will begin by saying— reward cuts are coming.

Prepare now. Please, do not be surprised when we announce them and begin to integrate the brand new node model. The protocol has been around for over 7 months, and not once have rewards been cut. The team has also been communicating for months now that the reward cuts will be arriving and are necessary for the health of the protocol. Be aware.

Outside of reward cuts, introducing the new node model, and a fresh, new roadmap that outlines the future for Zeus Finance — essentially declaring what 2023 will look like — the team is remaining patient while a few more pieces of the puzzle fall into place before deciding and declaring major decisions that can severely affect the protocol.

Where We Are Going:

Honestly, with the integration of both RBX’s DEX and Fiat On/Off-Ramp, Zeus Finance is positioning itself as one of the best protocols in DeFi to come experience what Web3 has to offer; Zeus Finance is becoming a one-stop shop, a full-blown decentralized financial suite. For newcomers, they can experience almost every foundational element in DeFi, all in one location.

Invest and earn $ZEUS, stake and earn $USDC, bond and vest, swap and exchange tokens, bridge to other chains, and on-board and off-board with fiat, all on your favorite dApp. Zeus Finance is doing the dirty work and you are all reaping the rewards. That’s the goal though — share and redistribute the wealth through passive income to all Olympians from the work that the team puts in.

Though, the extent of the financial suite will not end with the DEX and Fiat On/Off-Ramp. The goal is to create a one-stop shop, a real decentralized financial suite. Therefore, there are a few more elements that must be added to make the full vision come to life. Maybe you can take a few guesses as to what these elements may be? What exactly makes something a ‘decentralized’ financial suite?

**Alpha: Due to the timing of Zeus Finance’s releases and the desire to remain humble, with heads down working, the team will not divulge any Alpha this week.

The next Olympus Post will be released on Sunday, October 23rd. Let’s hope the gods release some Alpha in that volume!

“Your economic security does not lie in your job; it lies in your power to produce — to think, to learn, to create, to adapt. That’s true financial independence. It’s not having wealth; it’s having the power to produce wealth.” — Stephen Covey



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