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The Olympus Post, Vol. XXIII

Sunday, October 23rd: Transitions, Transitions

Greetings Olympians!

I’m back with another volume of The Olympus Post! Maybe now that they’re every other week, they’re even more special to read! I’ll be doing my best to keep it brief, succinct, yet informative.

Honestly, the market has only progressively gotten worse since I’ve started writing these articles. We made remarks of September bringing a possible relief, with the start of a bull run. That didn’t happen. October brought some more optimism, only bringing the market down deeper. No bull run. It’s just not here, yet.

The team’s hard work in combination with an absolutely savage community — one who sticks together and stays true to the faith in themselves and their investments — has helped Zeus Finance stay pretty stable in price action, rewarding holders with real consistent passive income. Though, the team realizes that the price of the token isn’t anything special. There are elements that are going to be enacted soon, with expectations that the price of the coin will rise. No promises, but the team is doing what they can to help price action (PA).

Let’s take a dive into some content, seeing what’s happening on Mt. Olympus.

Where We Have Been:

I’ll just take another moment to commend our community. I’d argue that, especially based on the size, Zeus Finance has the strongest community native to and currently operating on the Avalanche Network. Can anyone name one stronger? Please, drop it in the Discord, I’d like to see how they move. Thank you — all of you.

The fact that we are staying above 1,000,000 $ZEUS tokens staked in our Stability Fund, in a single sided staking pool that’s currently providing about 67,500 $USDC a month to the community, means that the entire community trusts the team, trusts other investors, and expects the future of Zeus Finance to be bright. That’s major leverage. Absolutely amazing to see, and the team is going to meet the communities demands; Olympians, the gods won’t let you down.

So, let’s take a look at what’s happened over the last few weeks to see how that aligns with success.

1st, I’d like to make it known that the team has come to a full conclusion on what the next form of utility will be. After a few discussions and back and forth between team members on what will be best for the protocol and the current investors, the stage is set. Olympians, rest assured, the protocol is evolving.

2nd, Zeus Finance welcomed another Olympian who rose to godhood, Eros! Many knew him as AIRICKEEEM, and now he serves as the God of Love. Eros serves as a moderator, and he has been doing a fantastic job, continuing his support of both old and new Olympians. Thank you, Eros!

3rd, one of the most important events of the last month was the release of the beta version of the Fiat On / Off Ramp with RBX. With the integration, users can now onboard and off-board with fiat, using Cash App, Chime, and Venmo.

Zeus Finance would like to clarify that this is a beta product — there are still a few phases until fully complete; there are many user functions that will be added later on. The team is giving live access to users now just so that RBX can work through all issues before a complete launch. This is community focused first, before moving into larger outreach.

4th, the third and final founding partner of The Pantheon has officially been locked-in and we are extremely happy to have them as one of the founding members. After speaking with their team and seeing how they want crypto to function, it was a perfect fit. With three founding partners, Zeus Finance has established an extremely solid core foundation to The Pantheon and with this foundation, others should see the vision that the community of communities has put together.

What’s next for The Pantheon?

Where We Are:

Zeus Finance has officially established The Pantheon and its core — a major product for the protocol and a major milestone to have completed. Though, only some of the hard work has been done, and now the real work starts with Aegis and The Pantheon. Now, it’s time to onboard a ton of new protocols, ensuring that investors are safe and exchanging goods and resources within an ethical marketplace. More trust needs to become established in the space, and with Aegis and The Pantheon, the time has come for cryptocurrency and ethics to become intimate, it’s time for their matrimony.

Though, outside of Aegis and The Pantheon, what exactly is happening? Is that all that Zeus has been working on? Let’s take a look.

Marketing: For those who are around during our ZeusSpaces, they know that the team provides some information early about various topics, especially when it comes to marketing and some ideas that we are playing around with. For those who don’t know, Zeus Finance will be moving forward with Brave (native token, $BAT) and their ad services within the Brave Browser. Zeus Finance believes (and based on data provided, know) that many users who are in crypto utilize Brave and their secure, fast, and private web browsing and is a perfect place to go for reaching a wider audience.

Brave offers various advertising services, and Zeus Finance will be moving forward with push ads, catering to direct marketing for those interested in topics related to Zeus Finance and passive income. If the team declares that the services have proven effective, the team will move forward with a larger, more broad plan which will likely reach many more users. As of now, the launch of the Brave marketing campaign is scheduled for Thursday, 10/27.

In addition to the Brave campaign that’s ready to launch, Zeus Finance will be holding AMA’s with a few of the founding members of The Pantheon over the coming weeks, where discussions about transparency and the future of cryptocurrency will ensue. Be sure to tune in. The times and dates will be confirmed within Discord.

Utility: Next phase of utility is established. The team foresees that it will help enrich single sided staking by making it less diluted, where $ZEUS will be utilized in another way, highly beneficial for investors. As of now, the team will not be diving into the details of this utility yet. But, be aware, it is found and we are looking forward to releasing it. More information will be coming in the next few weeks, but you’re all free to drop the ideas in the Discord. Always nice to see what it is that the community thinks (or wants) to come next and see how it aligns with upcoming plans.

Also, the Avalanche-Ethereum bridge should be arriving very soon! We were told by RBX that it should be ready within the next week, but of course with tech, always take it with a grain of salt. Just be ready for an upcoming announcement. This is an important bridge for our community, and with this release, should bring in a bit more income for the protocol.

Aegis & The Pantheon: The team has been hinting at the launch of The Pantheon for a while now and just for clarity, Zeus Finance will be launching the official website and releasing content for The Pantheon on Thursday, 10/27.

Where We Are Going:

Zeus Finance has plans set and ready to go. As mentioned, the next utility is already aligned and the team is looking forward to that major release. Though, I know much of the community wants to get the details about the upcoming reward cut. I’ve been seeing a ton of guesses within the chat about what the cut is gonna be and when exactly its gonna happen. Some of the members are very close with their guesses! So, allow me to just provide the details.

Zeus Finance will be cutting current rewards by 30% on Thursday, November 3rd. Users will NEED to claim or deposit into compound balance before 11/3. Otherwise, the rewards will be cut and the accumulated rewards will also be cut.

Otherwise, the following reward structure for each node tier will be in place when the time comes:

Hercules Node Tier: .021 ZEUS/day

Hera Node Tier: .056 ZEUS/day

Zeus Node Tier: .35 ZEUS/day

Kronos Node Tier: 2.625 ZEUS/day

Please note, with the reward cuts, the team will be releasing the entire node transition model on the same day. Keeping the community in the know is very important for Zeus Finance, and with the release of this information, anyone curious as to what the future of nodes for Zeus Finance looks like will finally see the vision.

Alpha: Based on the timing of our releases and the current vision that we have moving forward, I will not be releasing any alpha this week. I hope that the information about the future reward cut will suffice for now.

Search for good, find good, be good. Farewell, Olympians!

“Our wretched species is so made that those who walk on the well-trodden path always throw stones at those who are showing a new road.” — Voltaire



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