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The Olympus Post, Vol. XXVIII: January 1st, 2023


Happy New Year! As we say goodbye to the old year and welcome in the new, it’s a perfect time to think about the kind of mindset we want to cultivate in the coming months.

You know how we do it here on Mt. Olympus. It’s all about holding gratitude, embracing positivity, and accepting what ‘is.’ A positive perspective can make all the difference in how we experience the world and the opportunities that come our way. So let’s start the new year off on the right foot by focusing on gratitude, openness, and an optimistic outlook. When we approach each day with these values in mind, we set ourselves up for a truly amazing year filled with growth, happiness, and success.

In these challenging times, it’s also important to remember the power of community. Sticking together and supporting one another can help one overcome any obstacles that come their way. The community has stuck together, in fact, only getting stronger, during this bear market. It’s been beautiful to watch.

So, whether it’s through our families, friends, or larger communities like the one here with Zeus Finance, the connections we have with others provide a sense of belonging and give us the strength to keep moving forward. Let’s make a commitment to nurture these relationships and build each other up in the year ahead.

But, as you all know, this isn’t just about community and positivity. The project won’t move forward without revenue and real utility. The vision moving forward is providing value to Web3 and the entire blockchain space through Aegis & The Pantheon while providing value to Olympians through sharing more than half of the revenue generated from said services.

2023 is the year of revenue. Zeus Finance will stop at ‘almost’ no costs to ensure that the protocol is prosperous and successful.

Where We Have Been:

The last Olympus Post summarized the entirety of 2022 for Zeus Finance, reflecting on the beginning, the successes, and the lessons learned. The details of 2022 will not be provided here so if you haven’t checked that out, please make sure you do!

But let’s be real here for a second, there hasn’t always been sunshine and rainbows on Mt. Olympus. Simply put, the development of our project just hasn’t always been smooth. The team encountered numerous setbacks and obstacles along the way, and at times it has been difficult to maintain momentum. However, despite these challenges, both the team and community have remained united and determined to see the project through to success.

But, what is success for Zeus Finance? It looks like: providing real passive income to investors while becoming — and creating — the standard of transparency for Web3.

It’s obvious that the team believes in the importance of transparency and open communication, which has helped foster a sense of cohesion among team members and supporters. As a result, Zeus Finance is confident that as long as the team continues to work together and remain transparent in their decision-making processes, they will be able to overcome any obstacles that come their way.

The future of crypto may be uncertain, but one thing is certain: the resilience and perseverance of the community will carry the project through to success.

Though, let me at least outline the few events that occurred at the end of 2022.

1st, Zeus Finance celebrated the year and held their end-of-year, holiday festivities, closing out the year with the 12 Days of Zeusmas and an Olympian Award Ceremony.

The winner of the riddle game, The 12 Days of Zeusmas, was our beloved community member, Coquezilla. Though, a big thanks to everyone that participated! It was a really good time and the team loved all of the engagement that took place within the community.

There were many winners of the award ceremony — all the most faithful and encouraging Olympians — and all received a new 1/1 role within the Discord. Thank you all for everything that you do within the community!

Keep spreading that love.

2nd, Zeus Finance decided that for the immediate future, the daily emissions from Single-Sided Staking will be 2000 $USDC per day.

The change was made in preparation for Phase 1 of the Node Transition, which is expected to occur in the near future. The team believes that reducing the daily emissions is necessary to ensure the long-term stability and success of the project as it moves into this new phase, especially during the quite turbulent market that is seemingly going to continue for the foreseeable future.

For clarity, Zeus Finance is not bringing in expected revenue due to previous delays from fixing the DEX and delays in bringing the P2P Off / On Ramp to full operation. Both of which are out of the hands of Zeus Finance at this point. Simply put, there are a few major reasons we are making this decision.

The long-term sustainability is vital moving forward.

Where We Are:

After talking with some of the community members, there was a general consensus about what should be discussed within this volume of the Olympus Post. The focus of this section will be to discuss some of the questions and concerns that may be lingering in the midst.

As previously mentioned, December serves as a slow time for many financial businesses, and it didn’t differ any within the Web3 space. Most teams held off launches, updates, and even meetings until the New Year (and possibly until the space opens up with some more positivity). This bear market, in combination with the lack of trust within the space, is making teams act differently. Teams took a step back, observing, attempting to learn the best ways to move forward.

Zeus Finance did the same. So let’s take a look at exactly what that means for the present and future of Zeus Finance.

Marketing: Zeus Finance has already identified the target audience while defining its value proposition, a quite important step within developing the marketing strategy. The next step now, which has been and is currently in the works, is to create a comprehensive marketing plan that incorporates a variety of tactics that reach and engage potential users — future Olympians.

One key element of this plan is content marketing, which involves creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain an audience. This has been an ongoing process and has included articles, infographics, videos, and other forms of content that provide value to the people. New video content developed with the insightful Frank7 will be released soon! In addition, threads will begin soon, which truly helps Twitter engagement — where most crypto investors hang out.

Essentially, by regularly creating and sharing high-quality content in the right places, Zeus Finance plans on establishing themselves as thought leaders in the industry, building trust and credibility with their target audience, driving traffic to the website and dApp.

Another important element that the marketing team will be focusing on is specifically social media outreach. This involves utilizing all of the profiles across different websites, and posting the necessary content accordingly. The team knows that social media provides an opportunity for the project to listen to and engage with the investors and customers, which also builds loyalty and trust. The online presence, specifically on Twitter, is highly important and garnering a massive presence there can be a catapult towards success as a cryptocurrency project. It’s a major focus.

Finally, partnerships with other businesses, organizations, and even individuals will be a valuable way to build up the protocol. Partnerships are a foundation for Aegis and The Pantheon, and will essentially be one of the largest focuses for 2023. More partnerships generally equates to more revenue because of the business model. By forming these mutually beneficial partnerships, Zeus Finance intends on leveraging the reach and credibility of those partners to expand their audience and reach new markets. The partnerships will likely take many forms, including guerrilla marketing campaigns, co-marketing campaigns, product collaborations, and possibly referral programs.

Overall, the team believes that a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes elements such as content marketing, social media outreach, and partnerships will be effective in increasing users coming to the dApp and investing with the project. They will also regularly track the effectiveness of the marketing efforts and make adjustments as needed to optimize the strategy and maximize results.

Now, it is also important to outline that attracting new retail investors isn’t the main focus right now. Truly, expanding the outreach of Aegis and The Pantheon will be most beneficial for the project because it’ll be a very large, sustainable portion of the project’s revenue, allowing emissions to increase, making the $ZEUS token more attractive.

Revenue is key here, though obviously attracting more investors is highly desired and proves to be beneficial.

Utility: Utility is being built out. It takes time, especially when the contracts have to be in top form to ensure a working product.

I will not be going into detail about the utilities at this time, especially with upcoming articles that identify their mechanisms and use-case. But, as detailed in the roadmap, Zeus Finance has veZEUS coming along with a subscription for membership. At this time, both the voting system — veZEUS — and the subscription mechanism builds are complete. Testing is next and then implementation. These new products will be releasing this first quarter of 2023, so please look out for more updates on this.

For those that are curious about what veZEUS is, and what the subscription entails, please reference past articles. Though, as mentioned, as the protocol approaches the release to these new utilities, corresponding articles will be released.

Aegis & The Pantheon: Before breaking down Aegis & The Pantheon, let’s take a look at Quality Assurance and the value it can bring to Web3.

Quality assurance has been a necessity in major industries worldwide for centuries. From manufacturing to centralized financial services, minimum standards to ensure development of high quality, non-defective products and services have empowered the progression of technology. With the rapid and sudden improvements in blockchain technology, it’s obvious that products and services will eventually move into the world of Web3. It feels inevitable, especially for those who have been in the space for some time.

The bridge between government regulations and decentralization lies within a quality assurance program that promotes self-regulation and continuous improvement within companies’ business models and structure. There is no denial that quality assurance is vital to the industry’s survivability while striving to maintain decentralized values.

With Aegis & The Pantheon, Zeus Finance intends on bringing the creation of the first quality assurance standard to the blockchain and becoming the accreditation standard for transparency. Through Aegis, the team seeks to establish ethical business practices, building trust and transparency, making the Web3 industry safe for users and businesses.

The business model, in regards to onboarding and retaining members of The Pantheon, utilizing Aegis, has been refined. With this new model, the team foresees that onboarding new members will be easier because the barrier of entry — pricing — being switched to a membership model with much smaller initial payment.

The focus here is receiving revenue from businesses, not investors, to help distribute externally acquired capital to the internal, supportive investors.

Where We Are Going:

The future of Zeus Finance is bright because of the vision, the hard work, and the dedication of the team. They have put in countless hours researching and testing new features and improvements to make the protocol more efficient and user-friendly. Implementations are coming soon. The team has a clear vision for the direction they want to take the protocol, but they are also willing to pivot and adapt as necessary in order to achieve their goals.

Sticking to the vision is crucial in order to maintain a sense of direction and purpose, but being able to pivot and adapt is also important in a rapidly changing landscape. The protocol needs to be able to adapt to new technologies, market conditions, and user needs in order to remain relevant and useful. By balancing a strong sense of vision with the ability to pivot and adapt, the team can ensure a bright future for the protocol and its users.

As mentioned, there has been a pivot from strictly providing DeFi services to users, bringing the focus on Business-To-Business (B2B) revenue through providing Aegis to other protocols, onboarding them into The Pantheon. By acting as a sort of “better business bureau” for crypto, The Pantheon will lay the foundation to an ethical marketplace for cryptocurrency. This means that Zeus Finance will be responsible for evaluating and accrediting projects and organizations within the Web3 space, ensuring that they are operating in a transparent and trustworthy manner.

One way in which the protocol will accomplish this is by establishing clear guidelines and standards for transparency and quality assurance, and then evaluating projects and organizations against these standards. This will involve conducting thorough due diligence on each project or organization, including examining their governance structures, development processes, and financial transparency.

Another key aspect of the protocol will be the creation of a transparent and easily accessible database of all accredited projects and organizations. This database will provide users with important information about the projects and organizations that they are considering engaging with, and will help to promote transparency and trust within the web3 ecosystem.

Overall, the goal of the protocol is to provide a trusted and reliable resource for users seeking to engage with projects and organizations within the Web3 space. By acting as an accreditation standard for crypto, the protocol will help to bring much-needed quality assurance and transparency to Web3 and will ultimately help to build confidence and trust among users.

The revenue acquired through the services that Zeus Finance provides is shared with all of you, Olympians — all those who hold nodes and stake $ZEUS.

So again, I will end this volume of The Olympus Post by stating that the focus of Zeus Finance is revenue. The more revenue Zeus Finance brings in, the more passive income Olympians receive. This would be a direct result of the growth of transparency within Web3, meaning, if the protocol is bringing in revenue from Aegis, cryptocurrency is becoming a more ethical marketplace.

A win for Zeus Finance and a win for the industry.

The most important human endeavor is the striving for morality in our actions. Our inner balance and even our very existence depend on it. Only morality in our actions can give beauty and dignity to life. — Albert Einstein



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