How to Create a Stand Out Brand Online

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Everyone is talking about the importance of having a brand in your business. Well, let me share something with you. Branding isn’t just your cute fonts and photos.

You are your brand.

It’s the way you carry yourself and business actions on a daily basis.

Do you speak kindly to people when they inquire about your business?

Are you showing up online consistently?

Does your content truly help people to solve their problems?

Those are the questions that have to be considered most when considering having a standout brand online. Of course there are a lot more things to consider with branding, but I am going to share with you the top five things you need to know right away:

  1. You need to know your skill set.

Businesses do not make money, skills do. You have to ensure you have a certain level of expertise and development in a specific area no one else has. The way you bring in money or even build a brand is through giving value to people. As you craft and perfect what you do, it is time to offer this service or product to the world. When you are sure of your work, it will be easier to launch the business and actually make money from your brand.

2. You need to know what problem you solve.

If you have not considered what problem you solve for other people, then you are not quite ready for branding. Solving problems is what allows you to have a business in the first place. Think about the last time you purchased something. You got it because you felt like it would help you. If it was clothes, then maybe you thought it would make you feel and look sexy at your next event. Or if it was coaching services, you signed up because you knew it would give you the tools to take your life to the next level.

Now think about the things you did not buy. You didn’t buy it because you didn’t feel like you needed to have it. The messaging was not believable in terms of solving a problem for you. This is why your knowing what problem you solve and why helps your brand be noticed more easily. You want to be the brand that your audience choose more in that they need you to solve their problem.

3. You have to conduct market research to nail down your audience’s needs.

It’s not enough to know your audience’s problem. They may not even see it as a problem themselves, so they just continue on in the paid without realizing it. This is where you develop questions to see what they think they need to push past that pain. These questions might include generally asking what their struggles might be in a specific area. Maybe it’s that you have an idea to create new content and would like to know what they think of it. This will give you a lead on if you are headed in the right direction to have people buy from you.

Remember, people only buy for three reasons:

  • The product or service will make them feel better.
  • The product or service will help them make more money.
  • The product or service will allow them to be more successful.

Nailing this down will allow you to expand your brand on a global scale.

4. You need to create your mission statement and purpose on a global scale.

With the clarity on what you audience actually needs, you’ll be able to find your “why” in building this brand. Often, people start doing this first. It’s not a bad idea, but you don’t know your tribe that well yet. I recommend you do your research, then establish these statements in reflection of the people you have gotten feedback from.

Your mission is what you would say you do in one sentence that explains your brand entirely. For example, my company Thomas & Company Publishing works “to bring forth the God-given written works inside of authors around the world.” This statement allows people to know what we aspire to do every single day. It’s the big picture. While our purpose dives into more detail on the messaging our products and services provide for our clients. This is where you need to state how you make your clients feel when working with you, plus the results that manifest. As people come across your messaging, they will start to embody those emotions to want to work with you!

5. You have to develop free content that solves people’s problems.

I know you are ready to just start selling, but you need a lead magnet. People like to inspect before investing. On average, it takes about seven times for someone to come into contact with your brand before they actually pull out the money and pay for your services and products. Give them real, juicy content that they can appreciate and apply to help them. Be generous. Don’t think that because you are giving away something for free that there won’t be any reason for them to come to you. In fact, that’s showing them how amazing you are as an online brand. They will see that you bring 100% to your freebies, so what else will you have for the things you put a price tag on!

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