What’s Your Word?

The goal is to laser in on your thoughts and actions so there is a less chance of getting side-tracked.

Originally Published 2/5/2016 on www.theomg.biz.

Every new year, millions of people around the world begin creating “New Year Resolutions.” And if we are all honest about it, we all have set new resolutions year after year to start in January yet, by March, those resolutions are so far out of mind. The word resolution is defined as “a firm decision to do or not to do something.” In short, a resolution is a choice. Once the newness of the year wears off, the thrill and excitement of life and the remembrance of our resolution exits also. This is not a good thing.

By not following through with action to match our choices, we are allowing ourselves to remain comfortable where we are — year after year. We then wonder why we are unhappy or unfulfilled in life. So, let’s try a new approach.

Instead of making a list of ‘resolutions’ or goals, choose ONE word to focus on and allow that word to be the driving force behind everything you do this year. Your focus word should be able to balance in the five most important areas of your life: mind, body, spirit, relationships and finances.

For example: after much reflection and meditation, my focus word for 2016 is “ELEVATION.” The definition of elevation is the “act of elevating or being elevated; it is the word ‘elevate’ in action.” Why did I choose this word? It is simple: I desire for every area of my life to grow, upgrade and make substantial progress. All five areas of my life need to be taken care of and balanced out. This is the only way to make sure I am healthy and whole as a person. Everything I do, say or think will be centered on elevation in my life.

The goal is to laser in on your thoughts and actions so there is a less chance of getting side-tracked. Here a few tips to help guide you in choosing and implementing your focus word:

Choose a word that can improve all five areas of your life.

  • Choose a word worth focusing on like: balance, peace, love or health. It is not good to choose words like money, power, work or self because these words do not have positive connotations when placed into the five areas of healthy living. For example, let’s use the word ‘balance’. If you know you need to have balance in your life in order to navigate better throughout your day, then as you make decisions, focus on making sure you are doing things you have planned instead of acting on impulse. Balance is needed in all areas of life. On the other hand, having a word like ‘money’ as your focus only satisfies one of the five areas of life (financial), therefore, there is no healthy balance.

Put your word in places where you are forced to see it more than three times a day.

  • The word you choose must remain visible to you throughout your day. Your refrigerator, car dashboard, picture wall at work or even your cell phone background, are all perfect places to post your word. Every time you see your word, you will be reminded to be intentional about what you do and the decisions you make. If there is anything scheduled during your day that may carry the risk of causing you to waste time, do not do it.

Put together a small team of accountability partners.

  • Pick 2–3 of your closest friends or family members to share your word with and have them find their word also. This creates an accountability team for you and for them. As the year goes on, you all can help each other stay motivated and on task as it pertains to your focus word. You call can also share stories and find ways to make the year long journey fun!

Keep a journal of how you feel and how focusing on your word changes your life this year.

  • As often as you can, make note of your progress or lack of. Pinpoint what is and what is not working for you. At the end of your week, read over what you wrote down. Doing this will help you make changes on a daily, monthly and even yearly basis. The goal is to make progress and progress needs to be tracked.

This is only the basis of your focus plan for the year. You may discover many more ways to keep your mind stayed on your focus word. I believe in you! Have an amazing year and do it with purpose and on purpose!

Photo Credit: Levon Green @iamlevongreen

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