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3 Reasons Why You Should Write About What Disturbs You

It’ll make you feel better.

And we should all have an outlet anyway, right? Why not put those daily struggles to pen and paper? Especially when, at times, you feel as if “no one understands you?” Writing things out can help you when you really don’t feel like having that long and drawn out conversation with your BFF. She’s probably tired of your problems anyway. Give her a break. When I write in my journal (most evenings after work), I feel the stress leave my body and let the ink bleed on the blank pages in front of me. Don’t hold back! Confide in that journal, baby. Give that journal a name! Give her a page or two about “Bae” who is undoubtedly a mama’s boy. Let it all out and WRITE to feel good!

Your voice has been silent for too long.

I have noticed that some of the best writers know that a subtle voice is like having no voice at all. Be direct with what disturbs you. When you come to the revelation that your voice SHOULD be heard, you will have no remorse for making it so. If you’re like me, you’re probably worried that what you write may offend others or that no will ever care enough about what you have to say. These thoughts come from our old enemy — FEAR! You will always have critics who will tip toe behind you. They will sift through everything you write but this shouldn’t silence you. This should motivate you. Uncover your voice and let it be heard to the people who will hide your words in their own hearts. Your contribution to conversation matters. You should never cover that up.

Your readers want to see authenticity.

And really, who doesn’t love a good story? Or even just a good rant? The point I’m making is this: your readers want to see the real you. When your disturbances are authentic, people are able to appreciate that authenticity. There will be a connection between you and the readers you attract. These people are called your targeted audience. Your voice, your realness, will target a specific audience based on the context of your choosing. For example, if you’re writing from the perspective of a single parent and the hardships of single parenthood, more than likely, your targeted audience will be those of single parent households, or people who are direct products of single parenting. This is a good thing! It means that your disturbances are not just yours alone. Your readers can connect with your struggle and your pain. They will value your honesty. So write what’s real. It helps you and it helps others.

The next time you have the opportunity to write, take it. Keep these reasons in mind. Write your pain, your desires, your fears. Preserve what disturbs you.

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