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Letter sent on Nov 24, 2017

A weekly digest from Culture Trip
Alex Mellon / © Culture Trip

Across London, female-focused networks are transforming women’s professional lives. This week, we go inside Women Who, a network for women working in the creative industry. We explore Hollywood’s obsession with its own failures, and an equally intense infatuation with Brooklyn’s hottest ramen. From there, we reenact a decades-old fashion rivalry, examine the origins of Japan’s biggest water fight, and visit an athlete in New York who found rehabilitation in wheelchair basketball.

RIP to the Old Boys’ Club

Inside the women’s collectives transforming London’ s entrepreneurship scene.

Why Is Hollywood Obsessed with Celebrating Failure?

James Franco’s ‘The Disaster Artist’ is an ode to one of the worst films ever made, the latest in a series of films preoccupied with a lack of success.

The Real Reason I Love Ichiran’s Ramen

How I became devoted to the Brooklyn branch of a Japanese food chain.

Reenacting the Birth of a Fashion Rivalry

The Spring Summer 2018 Paris Fashion Week saw a revival of the great Battle of Versailles fashion show, where Parisian and American designers competed for sartorial prowess.

The Ancient Origins of Tokyo’s Biggest Waterfight

The Water-Splashing festival dates all the way back to the Edo period.

Rehabilitation By Basketball

How the sport helped Christopher Saint-Remy overcome physical disabilities after the loss of his caregiving mother.

Thanksgiving’s Immigrant Story

Two Pilgrim memoirs depict the compassion of the Wampanoag tribe toward foreigners, and serve to remind us that hospitality is central to the American holiday.

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