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Letter sent on Jun 9, 2017

The Omnivore #3: The KGB and the History of Tetris; The Psychology of Maximalist Fashion

This week we explore how maximalist fashion is making a nod to classic regalia, and take a closer look at the history of Tetris and what makes it so addictive. We examine an innovative startup hoping to become the Uber of the personal chef, and remember the adventurous spirit of Gertrude Bell through two films.

The History and Psychology of Tetris

Tetris is 33 years old today — what makes it so addictive?

The Psychology of Maximalist Fashion

How a new trend is making a nod to classic regalia

What Does it Take For a Nation to Join FIFA?

How one Englishman is leading Micronesia’s team to be the institution’s newest member

Creating the World’s Biggest Artwork

How Michael Heizer spent nearly 45 years in the Nevada desert sculpting the seminal metropolitan structure ‘City’.

The Wisdom of Adventurer Gertrude Bell

And how we might find it useful in our own lives

The Art of the Perfect Scent

How aromas are evolving into a form of personal expression

What If You Could Order a Chef?

The future of fine dining may be the chef coming to you.