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Letter sent on Jun 23, 2017

The Omnivore #4: Roller Coasters, a Family Mystery, and a Beloved Iroquois Past Time

It just isn’t summer in Brooklyn without a trip to Coney Island. In this week’s edition, we share the history of New York’s iconic carnival rides. We learn the significance of lacrosse in the Iroquois Nation, and visit the world’s greenest building. From there we head to Bogota to bring closer to a family mystery, learn about an activist fighting the oppressive Eritrean government, and witness a film darling take a tumble.

A Family Murder in the Colombian Jungle

How the surrender of the FARC helped bring closure to a mystery

How Roller Coasters Have Come to Define Coney Island

The neighborhood’s rich boardwalk life would be nothing without its carnival rides

Fighting Oppression from Abroad

How one Eritrean activist and writer is raising awareness of his country’s plight.

What Lacrosse Means to the Iroquois Nation

A new documentary showcases the spiritual and tribal history of the sport.

The World’s “Healthiest” Building Is a Living Laboratory for Design

How one Washington D.C. based-office was built with the greenness of its architecture in mind.

‘Baby Driver’ Is a Flat-Noted Musical

Film darling Edgar Wright’s new action film is a career stumbler.