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The Unexpected Triumph of Time-Travelling, Scottish Romance

Forget Game of Thrones, Outlander may well be the most captivating TV series of the year.

Realism within fantasy

Both shows have a fantasy/fiction core. With Game of Thrones, this is something that has developed over time, whereas in Outlander it is far more of a hook to get the plot to go in a certain direction.

The story

The scale of Game of Thronesits sheer scope and rapid expansion — is to be applauded. The mythology and backstory are worthy of a spin-off of their own (something which has recently been mooted), and no one can deny the ambition with which the show opened.

Characters and performances

The three central characters of Outlander all deliver staggeringly convincing performances. They interact wonderfully, and portray the brutal realities of the eras they occupy. The villainy of Black Jack is extreme, sadistic and horrifying, and yet also never merely done for the sake of shock.


Again, there is obvious chemistry between a lot of the characters in Game of Thrones, and this is no criticism of them, but Outlander does it better.


There is no denying the sedate pacing of large portions of Outlander. If it’s copious amounts of bloodletting you are after, then Game of Thrones is the show for you… although both series score high when it comes to steamy on-screen sex scenes.



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