“What’s my name again?”

April 8, 2016

Sailing a boat around Ireland might be a simple enough concept. In logistical terms however it’s a very hungry paper tiger (that needs constant attention and feeding). It won’t let me sleep either. So, before I forget my own name, it’s update time on the One Wild Blog — and it’s all business.

Yes. Splashing my way around the entire country is taking a bit of organisation (who’d have thunk!) and the intensity has been ramping up ten fold. Unfortunately it’s all been a little much for my man brain (the one that tends to forget 2 out of 7 items on the average shopping list!). It’s fair to say it officially reached breaking point this week when I realised that I’d left my car unlocked and the key in the ignition the night before. (If my insurance broker is reading this, no panic please — it has now been resolved!)

Anyway, I’ll try to keep this update afloat above the sea of lists and things to do in my head — and when I say lists there are many of them. One list for this and another for that (and the one I keep in the car so my casual Tourette’s of shouting things out loud gets captured before I forget again!). All things considered there is simply too much stuff for any one person to manage alone. Passage planning, communications and media, website development, food, volunteers, clothing, transport, insurance, sailing equipment, first aid supplies … it goes on and on, ad infinitum.

That’s’ why I’m still amazed and humbled with the direct support team, ChildVision, friends, family and even perfect strangers who have jumped right in and got their hands dirty in the last few weeks. We are making great progress and the bottom line is I wouldn’t get to the dock never mind off it without the help that’s been flooding in.

If you’re reading this thinking, ‘what the hell’ — ‘can I come out to play too?’ … then the answer is yes! We’re still on the lookout for a few volunteers to help crew our support boat and vehicles. Maybe you have a week to spare? Let us know @ info@onewildride.ie.

On the donation side of things we’re making gradual progress. Most people in fairness want to see me suffer a bit first but it’s uplifting to still see donations and fundraising ideas for ChildVision coming through — often from people with no personal connection to us. People who just believe in and support what we’re doing. If you didn’t already, check out what Olga and Marcus are planning on our way past Clifden in Co. Galway. They are not alone. People have offered to cycle cakes, bake bikes… oh hang on… man brain fail. Try again… People have offered to bake cakes, cycle bikes all directions and more besides. And the offers of support are not just from Ireland, we’ve had offers of fundraising support from the UK and as far away as Cambodia. Yes Cambodia. Amazing.

It’s an important contribution too. I knew one hundred thousand euro was an aspirational fundraising target, but perhaps with different groups and people coming forward, running their own mini events, we can navigate our way ever closer toward a substantial target. Maybe have a think about organising something wherever you are?

On the sponsorship front it’s also been a great few weeks. I would honestly be poor and destitute without the product support and help we’ve had from so many great businesses. We have some more exciting announcements, hopefully next week, but in the meantime please support those who have supported us to date by visiting our sponsor page and/or availing of their services.

The website and social channels have gained some really nice traction too. A rather unexpected direct front-page post on Sailing Anarchy was a nice bonus and there was another nice write up on Clontarf Yacht & Boat Club’s page. If you haven’t connected with us maybe like, share or join the updates via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. A copy of the One Wild Ride Blog is also available in case you miss one! And yes, if you’re anti social media the good old fashioned One Wild Ride website will do the job for you too!

Perhaps the only frustration in the last few weeks has been the weather, over the weekends in particular. Hasn’t been great sailing weather for anything long distance to be honest and looking at the forecast for the weekend coming it’s a mix of none and then lots. I should stop complaining though. Maybe it’ll blow itself out a bit before we start proper.

Oh, which reminds me. A start date. You lot have been asking for a while. Well if Jupiter aligns with Pisces, Neptune is kind, the paper tigers are tamed and the weather gods ease up on the arguing we should, all going well, get cracking around May 14.

It will be a relief. All that water; the cold; the boat and I. My man brain will still forget the 2 out of 7 items in SuperValu, that I’m sure, but it will have other things on its mind at last. A determined and resolute focus to finish what it started with a crazy idea all those months ago.

Thanks as ever for your support.


P.S. — Check out this nice video update on ChildVision’s recent library opening. Another great example of their amazing work and dedication.

Originally published at One Wild Ride.