What is design? — India Design Week 2016 — A photo Essay

What is design? A simulating question and an ever constant rhetoric. For us design is what design does, for now inspires and delights.

Of Delhi coming to an age and maturing into a megapolis in its truest form, India Desing ID 2016, the annual design symposium was also another example to this illustrious canvas. Taking inspirations from international design symposium, India Design with its own attempt to make it big on the global scene looked like a closer shot to making it big. Drawing inspiration or simply understanding the best of functional blend of art and culture come to, India design week was a great push to be doing more.

One of the major areas that comes about design is to understand itself.

What is design?

For me design has always remained functionality and aesthetics. “Design is what design does” from bridges, aircrafts, pro athlete wear functionality has always been a prime factor, however what makes them timeless is the aesthetic with which the functional form is developed. For us India Design ID 2016 was a great push to look into the future of Local Artforms and make it viable. Also what is did is give us inspirations for the whimsies that comes along with design in the name of design.

We don’t and wish none of us shy away from calling art, art without the guilt ridden dismissals. Why not make art lifestyle too? Check out our next post answering similar questions.

Our personal takes — Limon Story for her beautiful signautre style timeless pieces of arm chairs and other single sitting pieces. They are nostalgia in progression, with Kitsch patterns and pastel shades. We love them for no fuss elemental pieces.

We also love NO-MAD too for their moody, quirky take on he tradition and converting them into chic pieces for home and decor, the brand is righteously 97% India, creating clean designs in a clinical way as too. Their pieces are timeless and make up to a great collection for households who are modern yet wholeheartedly Indian.