Inappropriate Subject Headings

Subject heading are what are used to organize mass amounts of information. The use of these simplify the process of searching for a book can be a long and arduous. For example if you need to find a book about dogs, you would search for the subject heading “pets.”

There are subject headings that are controversial in the Library of Congress. For example “retard” used to be an accepted subject heading. Now days this is not the case, with social acceptance moving in a progressive direction. Now days the word that has cause controversy is “illegal alien.” This term targets people and disavows the validity of a portion of the population’s contributions to society. The other side of the argument is held republicans that don’t want the federal law to change. I don’t agree with this in any manner. I think that the changing of times calls for the changing the vernacular of the population.

Other questionable subject headings would be any name of a religious groups or offensive terms. I realize that there will always be a changing of what is acceptable and what is not, so I feel like it will always be something that offends a sect of people.

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