Review for Citizenfour

According to the documentary, Snowdon claims that “state power” against people’s ability to meaningfully oppose that power to control the information. Snowdon is getting paid to design methods to amplifiy that state power. He even includes details that he can stream drone videos on his laptop. People joke about being on the list and becoming careful in what they type on their search engines. This reminds me of what I learned in Lib 100 class about the filter bubble. Internet and the search engine divides our information, and therefore distributes to the kind of information we receive. We a lot of the times are not aware of the information and footprint we leave behind. However, what we ignored is crucial since it impacts every part of our lives. It also reminds me of how our world communicates, specifically how we distribute information without realizing its consequences. Every day we scroll down Facebook homepage and see advertisements from a certain company, and that’s all the information we receive. We sometimes just neglect that and assumes that the world is the way it is. However, what we don’t realize is that those information is specifically targeted at us for us to form a specific opinion. What appalled Snowdon was the ability of the government to do this as well as how little we are aware of what’s going on. We need to keep our eyes open and ears clear when receiving those distributed information.