Scholarly Conversations — IFLScience

Isaac Asimov

On the Facebook page of IFLScience, we can see a lot of pictures, posts, and videos.

The main editor of the page evaluates information in the way he announced: “We’re here for the science — the funny side of science. Quotes, jokes, memes and anything your admin finds awesome and strange. 
If you take yourself seriously, you’re on the wrong page.
We’re dedicated to bringing the amazing world of science straight to your news feed in an amusing and accessible way.”

Therefore, what IFLScience is looking for and evaluate are the fun and interesting facts and jokes about science. While those are definitely scholarly related, they are also not all serious.

Thus, I do not think that there is necessarily an authority for the page. I do believe that there are editors who has the authority to edit or delete any posts which are irrelevant or not appropriate for the page, but I don’t think there are authorized authors for posting for the page.

As far as I can tell from what is showing on the Facebook page, I didn’t see any specific rules for posting. But the general trend is keeping the article in a relatively short or medium size, attaching some fun pictures with it, or uploading fun videos with a brief description. Usually the funnier it is, the more likes it gets.

I definitely think that the Facebook page of IFLScience is welcoming to outsiders. I was actually very surprised that when I get on the page, I can write a post on there if I want to. The only critique I would give would actually be to the readers/audience. Because the page is mainly about the fun and amazing parts of science, which many times including jokes, we should not expect everything on the page to be 100% scholarly and trustworthy academically.

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