Wikipedia Talk Page — The Iran Hostage Crisis

Man Holding Sign in Iranian Hostage Crisis Protest 1979. Digital image. Wikimedia. Wikipedia, n.d. Web. 15 Oct. 2016.

The scholars in the community of the Wikipedia page for the Iran Hostage Crisis discuss and evaluate the validity of facts pertaining to this issue and how they are displayed in the media to the public eye. They interact by sharing their opinions, thoughts and knowledge about the crisis, sometimes disagreeing and debating, sometimes sharing the same beliefs. It is difficult to say who has authority in this community, due to the fact that postings can be anonymous or written under pseudonyms. Usually those who post often and have valid sources for their information are the ones who are trusted, although ‘authority’ may not be the correct term for that.

There are no written rules for contributions to this community, but irrelevant information is not appreciated. There are also postings that insult others due to their bias or differing opinions. The highest valued contributions are those that cite specific sources of where they obtained the information they display and why it is correct.

While this Wikipedia talk page does a great job of creating a safe space for people to discuss the Iran Hostage Crisis and its repercussions on society, it has no limitations on who can contribute or what they can say. Unfortunately, it can be utilized and sometimes is utilized to bully others because of their opinions or bias. It does contain a lot of bias because the issue is so complex and tends to pit the American society against the Iranian society, so discussions can become heated and stray from the importance of discussing the actual issue.

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“Talk:Iran Hostage Crisis.” Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, n.d. Web. 15 Oct. 2016.

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