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Pippin Lee
Aug 26, 2015 · 5 min read


We’re kickstarting the process of getting Canadian student newsrooms thinking about the web. The Open Journalism Fellowships will seek students with strong computer science, web, data, or interactive skills by funding them as fellows to work at their campus student newsroom. We’re asking fellows to play a critical role as a colleague, mentor, and coder — but we know they’re up to the challenge. Our model is heavily inspired by our friends at the Knight Lab at Northwestern University, as well as the Knight Mozilla OpenNews Fellowship.

Who’s involved

For this first year we’ve partnered with the Queen’s Journal, at Queen’s University, which is being helmed by editors-in-chief Anisa Rawhani and Sebastian Leck. Our first Open Journalism fellow will be Max Bittker.

Max Bittker (photo: Megan Gamble)


Aniqah Mair (photo: Khalil Mair)
Jake Pittis (photo: Hack Western)

Goals and requirements

We understand that as the Fellowships progress we’ll learn how to make the experience for both the student newsrooms and fellows better, so there may be adjustments to our requirements.

  • Plan in collaboration with the newsroom + community for media week
  • Stipend + additional support around hardware, software, and mentoring
  • Running workshops locally to increase computer literacy
  • Helping us design and build curriculum as open-sourced manuals, which includes documenting process of “going-digital” in blog posts
  • Run for a full year with the last month budgeted for transition and reflection
  • Have access to meetings involving story planning
  • Work with section heads/digital-editor to develop and showcase web-worthy stories
  • Commit/publish/document code to Github weekly

The Open Journalism Project

Tinkering at the intersection of computers and journalism.

Thanks to Asad Chishti and Jeanne Brooks.

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The Open Journalism Project

Tinkering at the intersection of computers and journalism.