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The Open Kimono

Easy String Course

By Dusti RWF of Delicate Emissions

five geese flying over a shimmery, partially frozen lake
Photo by hansbenn on Pixabay

I travel in my sleep, and always know my way, which is the opposite of my waking life. As a Girl Scout leader, I signed my troop of Brownies up for a string course so we could work on our navigation skills, since they were an outdoors-loving group and wanted to do “real hikes” someday. My friend, I couldn’t even follow the “easy” string course. My Brownies encouraged me the whole way through…




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Delicate Emissions

Delicate Emissions

home of poetry/essays/fiction by dusti rwf & dafna hagans-slezak; Disability in the Margins; & delicate emissions, quarterly diy poetry zine ed. by dusti rwf.

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