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Utterly Lost in a Pleasant Fashion

Love the images but can’t hop on the train of thought

Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

“I write quickly without much reflection. Later when I reflect, I can find symbolic meaning in the sequences and expand on them with more analytical sequences. But these are moving away from the primary images of a broom on a stick, the Falcon 9, and the mermaid at the buffet table.” (Shadowgnosis)

“Once again,I am utterly lost, but in a rather pleasant fashion. I get fascinated by the imagery even if I can’t hop on the train of thought.” (Susannah MacKinnie)

This is from The Western Lands, by William Burroughs:

White bears graze in lush green meadows. A shrieking black boy dances around in civilian bones . . . emerald whirlwinds.

“It’s always her toes to be left alone.”

These magical visions are totally devoid of ordinary human emotion and experience. There is no friendship, love, hostility, fear or hate. There are no rules, no series of steps by which one can be in a position to see. Consequently such visions are the enemy of any dogmatic system. Any dogma must postulate the way, certain steps that will lead to the salvation which the dogma promises. The Christian Heaven of pearly gates and singing angels, the Moslem paradise of eternal whores and plenty of water, the Communists’ heaven of the worker state. Otherwise there is no place for a hierarchical structure that mediates between dogma and man, that dictates the way.

To endure in time, any structure must present predictable recurrences. The visions, the glimpses of the Western Lands, exist in space, not time, a different medium and a different light, with no temporal coordinates or recurrences. The medium bears some relation to holograms.



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Writing is for me is playing the a piano keyboard. I like the music of the words. I have been a professional magazine writer and newspaper editor.