How To Hide Your Profile From Members Directories

I believe in transparency.

Both in life and in business.

That’s why I’d like to explain why do we have members directories, what do they do and what’s their end goal is.

In one of my recent blog posts, I said that helping you get hired is one of Open Mic’s goals.

And that goal is probably the most challenging one.

Just imagine what we’re up against here: Proz, Translator’s Cafe, Gengo, Upwork, etc.

These websites either have millions of investments to back them up or been around for a while to kind of become a go-to place where people hire freelance translators.

Of course, some of them mostly used on a low-paying market, but it would be stupid to deny that once in a blue moon they can help you land a good-paying client.

So why do we need The Open Mic then?

Thing is: there’s no internationally recognized platform on the web that promotes the image of translators.

It doesn’t exist. All we have is “databases” of translators linked to job-bidding platforms that foster price-based competition and don’t do much about educating clients and new-comers to this profession.

We don’t really have a real community that was created by translators and for translators.

Sure, maybe there are some local examples (but they are local and only a small percentage of people knows about them).

Of course, thanks to social networks, we have groups on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks where industry professionals gather together to talk about problems or have fun.

But these groups can’t really promote individual members.

That’s why I’m building The Open Mic.

So that we could have a community that is driven by talented translators.

This community will be growing and evolving over time. And the more we grow the more influence we’ll have.

We’ll be able to voice our concerns, solve industry problems, affect the market situation, set new trends and control our rates.

That’s a very ambitious goal.

And you probably think that I’m crazy, but like I’ve said, I believe in transparency and this is what The Open Mic is all about.

Ok, So How Do We Use Members Directories?

Our directories are used solely for the purposes of promoting you as a translator.

They help us put your profile and your skills front and center.

I’ve spent many months designing user profiles and I’m really proud with what we’ve achieved here.

Your profiles look absolutely gorgeous and they will attract clients.

That’s why we use member directories, so that good people, looking for great translators could find and hire you. :)

Oh, and one more thing — it’s free.

The Open Mic doesn’t have any paid memberships so the only thing that affects your rankings is the feedback of your clients and your participation in the life of our community.

In the future, we plan to build as many highly-customized landing pages as possible so that we could attract even more clients.

I know people are very cautious about various platforms and I understand where they’re coming from.

That’s why I’m writing this post.

So that we could be on the same page.

What If I Still Want To Remove My Profile From All The Directories?

Sorry, if I came down a bit too hard on you in the previous few paragraphs.

If you still want your profile to be removed from members directories you can do so by going to Menu > Account Settings > Privacy > Hide my profile from directory:

How to hide your profile from members directories

And there you have it.

You profile will no longer be displayed in any directories.

By the way, you can hide your profile completely or make it visible only to followers or people you follow in Profile Privacy settings:

You can easily change your privacy settings on The Open Mic

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