#TranslatorsOnAir Technology in Translation Debunking the Myths feat. @VovaXL8

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Just wanted to share a quick recap of our conversation with Vladimir Zakharov that we had last week on our show.

Last week we invited SmartCAT’s community manager Vladimir Zakharov (aka Vova) to talk about translation technology and bust some common myths and fears.

With a major in physics and computer science, over 15 years of translating experience, and eight months in the SmartCAT team, Vova was a perfect fit for our conversation.

You can watch the replay right here.

You can also watch/listen on YouTube or SoundCloud below.

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Or if you’re super busy, you can check out some of the highlights below.

Highlights of the Show

1) Vladimir talks about some of the misconceptions about translation technology
 2) Vladimir talks about the biggest blocks to translation technology adoption
 3) Vladimir talks about the best path for learning translation technology

To watch the entire episode simply click this link.

About Vladimir

At age 6, Vova put a hairpin into a power socket and started translating Shakespeare. We don’t know if these two events were related, but they certainly lit up his interest to technology and languages, which burns to this day.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What kinds of translation technologies exist;
  • Whether translators should be afraid of technology;
  • How to make technology your friend;

…and much more!

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