Fiber: Bringing The Story of a Song To Life

Music has immense power to move listeners and evoke emotion. It has the rare ability to express and connect with human emotions, acting as a vehicle for empathy. This quality is valued by music fans, and is integral to the relationship between creator, listener, and art.

However, when we music fans, we heard that they primarily use music in the background, to set a mood or vibe for their daily activities. We identified this as an opportunity to repackage music, and change the way that it is experienced.

We want to bring the humanity back to music. We want to put the spotlight on the soul, and the story, of music to amplify its empathetic power.

Introducing: Fiber

Fiber is a virtual reality that brings the story of a song to life. We utilize the multi-sensory capabilities of VR, including audio, visuals and physical interactivity, to provide a rich, immersive experience, and tell a musical story.


The story of a musical piece is a complex narrative. Artists are influenced by a variety of factors, ranging from distinct personal experiences to broad cultural trends, and these influences can be conscious or subconscious. Additionally, after music is released, the musical community adds new interpretation and meaning beyond the artist’s intentions. We aim to capture and communicate this entire story in our virtual experience.

We draw data from a variety of sources to assemble a story. We pull information from artist interviews and profiles to understand the inspiration and intention behind the music. We research connections between the personnel on a track to understand how the musical team came together and produced their work. We scrape social media data to understand the community response, and incorporate covers, remixes, and samples to show how other musicians add their own interpretation to the story.

We utilize the OMI API to access this disparate information. The OMI API is meant to provide access to disparate information across the music industry, so it is an effective solution for our product, to help streamline the data collection process.

We then use this data to construct symbology and interactions in a VR environment. These might be direct, like a visual representation of lyrical content, or indirect, like transporting users to an artist’s place of inspiration. Our goal is to build a virtual world that guides listeners through a narrative, such that they can develop an emotional connection with the story.

We have built a Fiber prototype using the song Same Drugs by Chance The Rapper:

The Future of Fiber

Our ultimate vision for FIBER is a comprehensive media player, such that anyone can take any piece of music from their library, submit it to FIBER, and then step into a unique virtual environment. We have also explored potential applications in education, music therapy, and as consumer software. We want to facilitate meaningful connections to musical works, and we hope that this immersive experience brings the emotional power of music to the forefront of the listening experience.