Behind every album and every song, there are unsung heroes invisible to the listener. We want to highlight those unsung heroes, build their fan base, and celebrate the talented creatives who can often go unnoticed.

Once we’ve found our unsung hero, let’s offer up our living room, our backyard, even our garage for a show. Let’s build them up and connect BEYOND THE SCREEN.

How it works

To better understand how INTRSTLR works, let me introduce you to Eduardo, a fan and user of Interstellar. To begin, we sync Interstellar with Spotify or any of Eduardo’s music streaming platforms to gather and interpret his listening behaviors. From there, we determine Eduardo’s top artists or “stars” in his sky.

Interstellar now unlocks new discoveries by finding comparisons in his content and forms constellations.

With INTRSTLR we provide two types of connections or dots within each “constellations”, yellow and blue. The connecting light blue dots, between Eduardo’s artists are the unsung or background heroes. We‘ll retrieve said unsung heroes using “complete data” which is going to determine patterns between the unsung and known heroes. The yellow connections display new artists that have similar sounds based on “complete data” from not only the master track, but the individual stems between the famous artist and the new artists.

We see a connection between Daft Punk, Stevie Wonder, and Eric Clapton on the light blue constellation. We see that that connection is Nathan East, a bass player that has played on a great deal of Eduardo’s favorite songs. Eduardo wants to be involved with Nathan in a different and deeper way; not only by posting his newfound information on social media, but to share it in a human way with his friends. Edwardo wants to connect to Nathan “outside the screen”, so he tries to book him!

Eduardo can now send an invitation to Nathan for his event called “Nathan East Open Mic”. The location is Eduardo’s home. He and his friends have raised $1000 for Nathan East to play. He states more about his location and his equipment situation. Let’s send an invite!

Now we can see two views, the fan view and the artist’s view. In Eduardo’s view, we can see all his previous bookings and new potential artist connections. On the other side, we can see Nathan’s profile including his previous shows as well as his stargazers, potential fans looking connect in the future.

Let’s look at Nathan’s message from Eduardo. We can see Eduardo’s message. We see the basics but more importantly, we see Eduardo’s payment methods. He’s willing to pay Nathan, pay for transportation, and provide beer. Nathan can see how much Eduardo listens to his music via our imported data, as well as Eduardo’s venue.

As we can see, Nathan is a great guy. He’s honored and willing to play. Once they both agree, the connection has been made and the show is booked!

Interstellar is changing the way we experience music by helping us connect the dots to new artists and bands, and celebrating major behind the scenes players we never knew we loved.

Interstellar — Connect with the stars you don’t know.

Thanks to gnicklin

Joel Brett Stevenson

Written by

The Open Music Initiative

Berklee’s Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship co-founded the Open Music Initiative to promote open source standards and innovation for music, and to assure compensation for all music creators, performers and rights holders. We share our stories here.

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