9TH ANNUAL NAPOMO 30/30/30 :: DAY 4 :: Rest :: Re:Cover / Re:View

[4'33, John Cage, 1952.]

As part of our decision to go forward with the Ninth Annual Poetry Month celebration here at the OS, I felt it was vitally important to hold space for not a begrudged allowance for “incompleteness” but rather a celebratory invitation, a full and beloved permission for rest as not a weakness or fault but rather an active, necessary, perfect choice, as or more valid than expected

The Operating System & Liminal Lab is an open access social practice experiment in the redistribution of creative resources and infrastructures founded and facilitated by Elæ Moss with an ever evolving global network of creative collaborators of all disciplines (and species).

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Elæ Moss

Elæ Moss

is a multimodal creative and social practitioner, curator, scholar, and educator. Founder/Director @The Operating System. Faculty @ Pratt. [they/them] #resist

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