Cocteau Mercury Glove State: An OS [re:con]versation with Sunnylyn Thibodeaux

[Sunnylyn Thibodeaux is the author of Witch Like Me, an OS 2020 Digital Chapbook selection. Read more about this series, with the theme “Bloom, Mutation, Entropy, Catalyst, Brine.” You can find the entire series at the OS Open Access Library, here.]

Greetings comrade! Thank you for talking to us about your process today!

Why are you a “poet”/ “writer”/ “artist”? When did you decide to use the language you use for yourself (and/or: do you feel comfortable calling yourself a



The Operating System & Liminal Lab is an open access social practice experiment in the redistribution of creative resources and infrastructures founded and facilitated by Elæ Moss with an ever evolving global network of creative collaborators of all disciplines (and species).

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Elæ Moss

is a multimodal creative researcher and social practitioner, curator, and educator. Designer @The Operating System. Faculty @ Pratt & Bennington [they/them]