Launching the Opportunity Series

by Anise Vance

Image published under creative commons licensing ( and courtesy of carnagenyc.

This is the first in a series of pieces on opportunity, income inequality, and economic mobility. Complementing The Boston Foundation’s Opportunity Forums, and its year-long effort to highlight income inequality, this series will touch on a wide variety of research and topics pertaining to economic mobility. For more on the Opportunity Forums, please visit:

Over the last year, The Boston Indicators Project, as an initiative of The Boston Foundation, focused on the increasingly pressing issues of income inequality and economic mobility. In our efforts to highlight these issues, we have conducted much socio-economic research, delivered presentations to a wide variety of audiences, and created new online data tools to make information more accessible to the public. In continuing that work, the Boston Indicators Project and The Boston Foundation are launching a conversation series aimed at answering a simple question: how do we create a city in which opportunity exists for all?

The Opportunity Series includes numerous elements. We will be hosting three Opportunity Forums to discuss key moments at which individuals’ lives can pivot for the better, or the worse; releasing a new report, entitled Shape of the City: Making Boston America’s Upwardly Mobile City, on Boston’s current socioeconomic position across ten sectors; evolving our Opportunity Dashboard to include more data and greater interactivity; and launching a series of articles, to appear on Medium and our blog, that will explore the research on and nuances of income inequality and economic mobility.

As always, we are eager to talk to you about these pressing issues and, particularly, the data behind them. Please feel free to get in touch with us on Twitter (@BostnIndicators) or Medium. And make sure to keep an eye on our blog and Medium account (@BostnIndicators) for our weekly articles!

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