Getting Started with RDS Health Checks

Steve Boak
May 11, 2016 · 2 min read

One check per target, for all metrics

Having multiple metrics on a single check minimizes failure notifications

Interactive Threshold Setting

When you’re setting up thresholds on your metrics, we show you the last hour of data for context and let you see the impact of your thresholds as you’re setting them.

Interactive threshold setting

Automatic health checks for each DB instance

When you activate Opsee, we’ll automatically create a health check for each of your database instances, with the following assertions:


A couple other specific metrics you’ll likely want to notify on, if you have them, are:

  • ReadIOPS, WriteIOPS — If you’ve chosen to use provisioned IOPS for your RDS backing storage, you can monitor how effectively those IOPS are being used or if you are ever hitting your provisioned limits.

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