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A Letter Thanking Medium

May well be an unpopular post (I hope not) but definitely coming straight from the heart.


Dear Medium,

It’s been quite a while since I’ve started writing here. From the time I’d first heard about this platform—that was maybe 2 or 3 years ago—I was in love with it. I used to read quite a lot before I ever decided to start writing.

For a long time, I’d Medium app in my tablet. I was not a subscriber though and was on a constant lookout for free stories.

I remember I’d been quite successful in doing so. Although I don’t remember all of them but I do remember that’s how I found the amazing Netflix Technology Blog. I read that to date. It’s just mind blowing how behind simple-looking things like making streaming Netflix possible and uninterrupted, someone puts so much effort.

Exactly, simple-looking things aren’t that simple.

And because of this same reason I want to thank you—for making Medium a safe place for everyone; a community where anyone and everyone is welcomed; where anyone cannot barely survive but thrive.


I know it must have been a challenging journey to build what Medium is today. And that’s no short of a ‘mission accomplished.’ Still, there’s a long way to go.

That brings me to the point about new features you’re adding: audio feature as an option to listen to the articles, renovated landing pages, and an all new web reading experience.

That deserves an applause. A huge round of applause.

Although, Medium Partner Program (MPP) isn’t available in many countries including India (where I’m from) at the moment, that doesn’t take away the potential of the platform, atleast for me (nevertheless, we all hope you’ll find a way soon).

Yeah, it’d have been better but it’s definitely good. I think that puts it all into perspective.

To put it in one line: I love Medium—reading, writing, engaging with fellow writers, learning from their expertise, from my mistakes, reflecting on a wide array of topics…—absolutely everything.

I hope everything only gets better.



You can subscribe to get my best Medium posts delivered straight to your inbox here and thanks for reading. Until next time byeeeee and take care! 👋☺️✨❤️

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