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Feminism series Vol. 3

God is a Woman

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I grew up Christian. If you look at the logic of the bible, even as a child, I always thought it made more sense that God was a woman.

My own Catholic mother would call entertaining this concept blasphemy. So as a little girl, I never dared to ask questions when I was confused with the bible story of how the creation of humans came about.

The bible says God made Adam first …a man.

Then took a rib from Adam and made Eve…a woman.


What’s wrong with this picture?

Just looking at the science they taught us in school, this concept didn’t make sense.

Everyone knows that all babies come from a woman's womb. Wouldn’t it make more sense that it was Eve that gave birth to Adam?

The Catholic religion is built on the premise that Jesus Christ was born of the virgin Mary. That concept confused me too but if people are going to believe that, Adam being born of Eve is not such a great stretch of the imagination.

They call God a creator for a reason

There is a verse in a song by Erykah Badu that goes:

“If we were made in His image then call us by His name

Most intellects do not believe in God

But they fear us just the same.”

Is God given a male pronoun because the patriarchy fears us?

We, women.

We, the creators.

We were made in God the creator's image, at least that’s what the bible says. Yes, we need men's sperm but all the creation happens in a woman.

Have you noticed that even the pregnant womb looks like the round shape of a typical planet?

Mother Earth

Mother Nature

Photo by Domo . on Unsplash

God is a woman, constantly giving birth to new ideas.

If the idea of dogma and religion were completely stricken from the conversation of God, I would say God is neither man nor woman.

But if I had to choose between a man or woman, I ask myself:

What is all this patriarchal BS?

What’s the harm of having some common sense?

Imagine the empowering message it would send to girls if they were taught:

God is a Woman.

Why is it more acceptable to believe that God is a man?

I thought I was going to go to hell for questioning God’s gender when I was a little girl. I wish I had the balls to say:

“Mom, a female God just makes much more sense to me. Don’t get mad, they call Her a creator for a reason.”

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I am Jaja.

It’s pronounced ‘Jah Jah’, you hear that a lot in reggae music.

It means God.

In the Jamaican words of Bob Marley:

Jah live! (God lives)

Reggae Music: YouTube Video of Bob Marley's song ‘Jah Live”

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