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Money is Worthless if You Have Poor Health

Do you work to live or live to work?

Burning money
Created by Author in Canva

I’m accustomed to 10-hour stretches staring at my beloved laptop. Working harder, not smarter.

Giving my heart and soul to learning everything college didn’t teach me.

Back in December when I had Covid, nothing mattered but getting healthy again. 🤧




The Orange Journal is a publication devoted to helping one another grow into the best version of ourselves. From productivity hacks to love stories, we want to know the best way to make this life as beautiful as it can be.

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Susie Pinon

Susie Pinon

B.A. in Psych. Lover of all things green. Likely to be found brewing tea or making a mess in the kitchen. Open to opportunities 🍊

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