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The Power of Music on the Human Mind

Music elicits something magical from the deep depths of our souls.

woman smiling at camera in front of recording microphone
Photo by Author in Canva

“Music is to the soul as what words are to the mind.” — Bobby Dean

I was born into a musically gifted family. My first cousins played every instrument under the sun, sang, and worked in the industry for a living. My family expected me to become a piano teacher like…




The Orange Journal is a publication devoted to helping one another grow into the best version of ourselves. From productivity hacks to love stories, we want to know the best way to make this life as beautiful as it can be.

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Susie Pinon

Susie Pinon

B.A. in Psych. Lover of all things green. Likely to be found brewing tea or making a mess in the kitchen. Open to opportunities 🍊

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