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Wanna Increase Your Creativity and Productivity?

Find your SACRED HOURS. Here’s how.

Picture of some blank sheets and those on which musical notes are written

The Sacred Hour is when

  • you’re unreachable
  • you’ve no distractions
  • you’re fully off the grid

I was reading an article by Dickie Bush where he talks about sustaining an idea-sharing habit.

The aspect of consistency always amazes me. How can I be consistent enough? Because I know I’m not.

In that article, he talks about scheduling time for any creative activity. In my case, it’s writing online.

He calls these blocked off chunks of time the Sacred Hours.

Ideally, in the Sacred Hours, you’re

  • most productive
  • least responsive

It’s somewhat a similar idea to the one discussed in Deep Work: to be successful you need to put in consistent and deep work.

Sacred Hours are different for everyone. And taking an effort to find which time slot works best for you, i.e. when your mind works the best, pays immensely in the long run.

I personally find that late-nights work the best for me. After I’ve had dinner and revised my syllabus, I feel like writing. Plus, it’s also a good way to end a day.

Once you’ve found yours, block your time. Two hours at a time is more than enough.

This will help you in:

  • getting more done in less time
  • being more creative with your ideas and actions
  • being less frustrated as you’re giving your best performance

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