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This is an email from OJ to fill your cup, a newsletter by The Orange Journal.

When a Million Thoughts are Circulating Your Mind, Write Them Down

Created by Susie Pinon in Canva

Hi friends, old and new. If you’re new here, welcome, and thank you all for sharing a piece of your day with me.

I haven’t sent out a newsletter in a good while for a long list of reasons. I’m not here to lament about it, though. I am here because this newsletter exists as a means of communication between you and me. I like that a lot because it sort of feels like a virtual pen-pal. (even though it’s mostly one-sided by nature, it provides me with a sense of fulfillment. Plus, you can always reply and keep the conversation going!)

I am still new at newsletters, as you can tell. I just want to get to know you a little bit better and send you updates about The Orange Journal. There are now 46 of you and I am honored that my words are important to you.

If you are not yet a writer for TOJ, please join us! We are nearly at 1.3k followers, and I am really excited to keep receiving fantastic submissions every single day. I am so grateful for each and every one of you.

Here are some things I want you to know…

Adding an Editor

I may be looking to add an editor to The Orange Journal soon, but that depends on the growth of the pub and the frequency of submissions. It’s a really hard decision for me to make because TOJ is “my baby” and I am nervous to let someone else share control of something I have worked really hard to build from scratch.

The new additional editor would have to be someone who has published many pieces with TOJ, has a substantial following on the platform (1k+,) and shares the same values that I hold for the vision of the publication. This is an unpaid position (as most Medium editor roles are) but it will allow you to add editor (of TOJ) to your resume. 😊

Also, I will be happy to teach you everything I know for free to help you build your following, presence, and income here on Medium and elsewhere. I’m certain I will learn so much from you, too!

This is not an immediate opening but just something to think about over the next few months. If you think you may be interested, send over some submissions and let’s chit chat!

The Orange Journal is on Facebook

A couple of months ago, I decided to take a stab at starting a FB group for TOJ clan, and although we are small at 24 members, we are mighty. Roughly every day I will post a theme of the day to give you inspiration for your next article and also a place to share your related piece so we can support one another.

As I learn more about how FB groups work, I am looking to make it more interactive. Can you tell me some things you would like to see there that would make it worth your while?

Publishing Wait Time Has Decreased

After working thoroughly as an editor for a few months now, I have developed a more sustainable way of monitoring incoming submissions. This took me some practice but now I am able to review stories within the day it’s sent in to three days max. I fell really behind when I had Covid and it just felt impossible to catch up and give everyone the attention they deserve.

If your piece doesn’t meet formatting guidelines, I will ask you to refer to them and provide you with the link. If it is extremely out of wack in terms of formatting, I will remind you to review the guidelines before sending in your next piece and I will remove your story from the queue. It’s essential for me to stay organized. It is not personal.

I now review submissions only once per day (typically in the morning) and schedule everything in queue an hour apart for that day and into the next day if there are more submissions than can comfortably sit in a day. Most stories will be scheduled between 7am-7pm EST on weekdays and 9am-7pm on weekends. Please let me know if you have a preference and I am happy to accommodate.

The Orange Journal Now Accepts Short Form

I decided to make this decision for reasons you can read more about here. Some writers have already taken advantage of this and have reported better success in terms of views and read ratio compared to the pub The Shortform.

Read Paul Walker’s story here about his comparison between short form in The Orange Journal vs The Shortform. With that, I highly encourage you to send your short form in as the data reveals it will do better with TOJ. 🍊 As previously mentioned, no hate for other pubs, just love for TOJ!

There is no strict word count for short form, you can go over. Formatting guidelines for TOJ still apply. The reason there is no strict word count is because Medium does not curate pieces of 150 words or less. I don’t believe that has changed, but if it does, I will update you.

Closing Thoughts

I’m on the hunt for a full-time writers position as a content writer, copywriter, etc, so if you know of any open remote positions like this, kindly send them my way and you will have my gratitude forever.

I’m going to try to send out newsletters more regularly because I have so much to say but this is rather lengthy.

I look forward to seeing your submissions, especially short form and stories suitable for It Changed My Life.

Talk soon,




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Susie Pinon

If I’m not typing, I’m at the beach, eating chocolate, yoga-ing, or watching my soaps. Here to help you grow into your best self without making it hurt.😉