In-Depth Reporting

June 10, 2013 — A packed meeting, the Lee Emerson Bassett Toastmasters club inducted 6 new members, basked in awesome summer stories (warning — some members got the travel bug) and discovered evaluations are still a work in progress. Disclosure: Minutes are provided from the Timer’s and Grammarian’s perspective. Why? You may find that it can give you hints at what you can focus on at the next meeting.

Table Topics Session

A girl answered the Table Topics question by standing up and remaining there for the full 2 minutes, though the words did not come out. It’s a true story that shows that Table Topics is quite a journey for each us to conquer but by standing up each time, even when we remain standing, we take the first step to build confidence.

The Timer’s and Grammarian’s can reveal to us what’s going on in our minds and what can be your goal next time (develop the story, explain the characters or maybe get a feel what it’s really like to speak for a full 2-minutes). For each of us this is different:

Natalya: Plans to visit Yosemite this summer (1:33)
Marco: loves his childhood memories on the beach in Acapulco (1:13)
James: prefers the summer heat and is looking forward to his trip to Costa Rica (1:10)
Ben: admires Chicago’s cold weather (0:58)
Anna: reminisces on the year-round summer weather in Nicaragua
Kiran: assuming he creates a summer camp for kids, he will let them discover things by doing (1:45)
Trevor: highlights the pros of summer: no classes, watermelons and the sun (1:01)
Michel: remembers his summer backpacking trip around the Middle East ( 2:12)
Sofya: misses the New York beach (1:20)

Prepared Speeches

Marco Arriaga: “3 Things I Got to Learn While Running” Competent Communicator #2 — Organized Your Speech

Marco shared the profound lessons he has learn from running: (1) be nice to yourself, (2) focus on the present and (3) be positive.

I am ultimately the only one responsible for supporting myself…We should be our biggest cheerleaders…Be nice to yourself, you’re going to get what you invested

Evaluator: Trevor Davis

Dawn Kwan: “Travel Tips” Competent Communicator #1 — Ice Breaker

Dawn started traveling since an early age with her dad and suggested that Airbnb offers the best opportunities to discover your destinations.

Evaluator: Michel Azarian

Lionel Liang: “….” Comptent Communicator #1 — Ice Breaker

Despite his height and other obstacles, Lionel became China’s national champion at the 100 meter sprint.

“Once you’re a national player, you’re always a player. You keep pushing yourself to the limit”

Evaluator: Kiran Lokeswarappa


Here are the highlights from Trevor Davis:

(1) Club business ran smooth

(2) Writing Feedback — Allow for 1 minute

(3) Timer — Great summaries

(4) Grammarian — Suggest providing ranges instead of specific details

Grammarian’s detailed report here

Club Business-New Member Inductions

Welcome to our community these new members: Dawn Kwan, Lionel Liang, Ben Weintraub, Wei Nie, Tina Guo and Ana Steckler who are looking forward to learning from you and making new friends. Antonio practiced Robert’s rules really well, except for one member who said “nay” (maybe we need a refresher on Robert’s Rules).

Meeting Barometer: 17 Members, 4 Guests

Word of the Day: Bask (verb) — to revel in

Winners: Best Evaluator — Sofya Elperin, Best Table Topics — Michel Azarian, Best Manager, Sandeep Verma, Most Improved — Marco Arriaga, Best Speaker — Dawn Kwan