What on Earth Happened?

March 11, 2015 — contributions from James Shaw and Xiaojing Sun

Theme: Doubt is the key to knowledge

20 Members, 6 Guests

Word of the Day: Altruistic (noun) — unselfish

Toastmaster — Navid Fattahi

Table Topics Session

Table Topics Master — Simone Fobi

Antonio has learned more from experience than education.

Joelle believes doubt pushes you to go on a quest to understand more.

Sean does not worry about artificial intelligence too much because the benefits are likely to outweigh costs.

According to Tom artificial intelligence will soon be on par with many other great inventions of the 20th and 21st century.

Sehin believes that doubt and faith are just two sides of the same coin.

Philip, as the ruler of the world, will make one policy that requires individuals who develop AI to do it for good.

Sofya and Xiaojing believe love is the most important knowledge to remember.

Prepared Speeches

1st Speaker — Marcelino Pantoja “How one chart could have prevented a tragedy” — CC #2: Organize your speech

The interpretation of data can lead to disasters. Marcelino demonstrated two ways to present the space shuttle Challenger’s O-ring’s performance under various temperatures that could have led to a different launching decision.

Evaluator: Phillip Hoang

2nd Speaker — James Shaw “Beach Volleyball” CC#5 Your Body Speaks

James taught the “pass-set-hit” method to play beach volleyball with a vivid demo.

Evaluator: Yana Kunitskaya

Special Guest: Professor Fei-fei Li “Teaching Computers to See”

Imagine if computers just like children can learn to recognize objects and speak about them in sentences.

And the winners are…

Best Table Topics Speaker: Sean Arthur

Best Evaluator: Phillip Hoang

Best Manager: Simone Fobi

Best Speaker: Marcelino Pantoja

…while on the subject of knowledge

Some strangers from the Jurassic period dedicated time to write step by step how to prepare for a role in the form of meeting role guides (even officer role guides). If you use them well, these roles guides have the power to help you and your fellow Toastmasters become “competent.” Some clubs don’t even have these roles guides!

General Evaluator





Table Topics Master

Never leave that til tomorrow which you can do today…start prepping for your next role!

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