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First thoughts

We’re exploring new ways of doing, being and working. It’s a long journey. We’d like to share the path. This is a snapshot of some of what we found along the way.

Peter Brownell
Sep 10, 2020 · 6 min read

Newsletter #1 — September 2020

We’re out to ‘Change the nature of work’. We believe that doing this requires we strengthen the inner resources of the humans within an organization and create organizations that support that growth.


  • Stuff we found online
  • Thoughts from our journals
  • Quotes and concepts that we found significant
  • Stories from our work
  • Practices that make a difference

Articles, resources and tools

Things we found online

RAT (Rework Avoidance Theory)


From the journals

Some thoughts and musings we’ve had recently.

Stop trying to fix things

Should. Could. Would. I spend so much of my time thinking about how I need to change, how I should do things. It got so bad in the dark days of lock-down, stuck in the storms of a family in a small house with no escape. I drained myself completely. The desire to fix things, however noble, often gets in the way of really fixing things. It creates an inability to admit the truth, to say what is really going on. It means never admitting that I am angry, and instead taking on all the weight of the problem, and not being able to ask for help.

School run

Walking my daughter to school today, I was shocked by the amount of traffic on the roads. It was gridlocked and I could taste the pollution in my mouth. Cars were frustrated and running red lights and getting a bit too close to the pavement as we waited to get into school.

Quotes and concepts

Words that meant made us really think.

Deliberate practice is critical for learning

Stories from our work

We created the Continuous Change Navigator to help teams develop more awareness of what holds them back. You can find more about it at

Growing mistrust from a lack of connection

Suddenly needing to adopt remote working practices, en mass, was surprisingly easier than most expected. Work kept getting done and now the property market is quaking. Not being able to see your colleagues however is not all rosy. After a few months a team found that they were beginning to find that productivity and quality were beginning to suffer. Retrospectives were identifying a few issues, but none seemed important enough.

A practice to try

Radiate kind thoughts

Reduce anxiety and increase happiness and feelings of social connection

I recently read a study that took place in Iowa State University. Participants spent 12 minutes walking around the campus wishing for others to be happy, they were not asked to do anything more and the recipients of these wishes were unaware. The results showed that the very act of wishing others well reduced anxiety and increased happiness and feelings of social connection.This is something so simple yet so effective and can be done wherever you are and even after 12 short minutes you can feel the benefits. In these Covid times when we are all a little bit less physically connected, any practices that can increase the feelings of social connection are useful. I was particularly thinking of those of us who were used to having colleagues around us, in real life, at least some of the time. Although there is plenty of zoom/skype action, I still feel that some of the connection has been lost. Try this practice for yourself and see what difference it makes for you.I’m going to try wishing much happiness to my fellow commuters later, wish me luck!

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Developing the capacity for organizations to embrace the…

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We’re exploring new ways of doing, being and working. It’s a long journey. We’d like to share the path. Take a look.

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Developing the capacity for organizations to embrace the future

Peter Brownell

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It’s time to change the world. It’s time to create the future that we need. I seek the inflection points that can make tomorrow a better place.


Developing the capacity for organizations to embrace the future

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