We are all response able

This year has been a time of pretty intense soul searching. (For everyone?) As I work through all the collapsing structures of my inner and outer worlds, I’ve come to believe, more deeply than ever, that we must transform the way in which we approach human collective effort. I feel that there is no action more important than learning to transform our organizations.

Peter Brownell
Sep 1 · 2 min read

My experience has taught me that there is no way we can create better organizations without fundamentally changing the nature of our relationships. And there is no way we can fix our relationships if we don’t seek to transform ourselves.

However, we’re all part of the system. We will struggle to evolve who we are if we don’t have the relationships to support us. Our organizations can play a huge role in helping us develop adult relationships. Start anywhere and follow it everywhere. Keep sensing where to go next, don’t neglect any part of the system.

If we start this. If we keep working at it, and accept that the process of evolving and adapting will never end. Then we will create the future we need.

Being responsible, being able to respond, if not about who is at fault.
Being responsible, being able to respond, if not about who is at fault.

Being responsible, being able to respond, if not about who is at fault. Seeking someone to blame for the state of the world is not going to fix anything. None of us are powerless. Action at every level matters. The politics of hate creates a culture where hate thrives, but all hate is equal — if you hate the haters you are part of it. Every part of a system is interconnected. If we only aim to change politics, without facing what created that politics, then we’re not really changing anything. If you cannot live without burning all your natural resources, then you can only create a world that will do the same. If you cannot interact with your family and community without judgement and control, you cannot create harmony. If your work is dishonest, if it relies on a strong boss to control human action, if it treats people as “resources” from which to extract life — the world you create will do the same.You are responsible. For your action and inaction. We are here now. It’s time to do something about it.

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