5 Reasons Why Blockchain is The Right Technology for EdTech

Our CTO, Jordan Jambazov on “Why Open Source University uses Blockchain?”

I am Jordan Jambazov and I am the technology lead of the Open Source University project. I would like to tell you why blockchain is the right technology for building World’s First Academic and Career Development ledger.

Reason 1 — Authenticity

Blockchain is the right technology to immutably store people’s education, certification and achievements.

Reason 2 — Decentralizing Trust

Businesses are driven by trust, and storing data in a fully traceable manner is essential for the Open Source University project.

Reason 3 — Less Bureaucratic

Storing transactional data on an open decentralized platform is the way we eliminate bureaucracy in education.

Reason 4 — Direct interaction

Using blockchain businesses, learners & academia will be able to directly interact, without the need of a verified 3rd party.

Reason 5 — Security

Blockchain is secure, and you’d rather store your achievements in a secure way.

We use blockchain in order to transform the basic pillars of our society — education and interaction with businesses.

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