Meet Our OS University Ambassadors

OS University has a unique team of blockchain developers and academia and corporate advisers that is behind the project since its initiation in 2015.

Among those, there are government executives and current university leaders, such as former Bulgarian Minister of Education — prof. Sergey Ignatov, as well as prof. Kevin Dowd — one of the leading names in free banking and free money/cryptocurrency research worldwide.

With the expansion of the project on the global stage, our team is expanding as well. Our global ambassadors are proven professionals, experts in their field, that are joining us to be Open Source University representatives on-the-ground — in their respective universities, industries, communities.

In our blog post today, we would like to introduce to you Mr. A V Ravi — our project ambassador in Eastern & North Eastern India. With more than 18 years of corporate experience behind his back, he is now helping graduates find employment though his “Pathfinder” project.

We are happy to have Mr. A V Ravi on board of the project. Here is what he had to say about the Open Source University decentralized platform:

“An entrepreneur by heart, I have always been a passionate advocate for social progress. Technology should serve the purpose of advancing human capital. I believe that the Open Source University decentralized platform can do just that — harnessing the power of the distributed learning & development ledger, it can create new opportunities for learners, businesses and educators. One block at a time.”

Are you interested in becoming our next Ambassador in your university, industry, country? Do you believe that we can open-up and modernize education with the help of the distributed ledger, creating new opportunities for all? Write us at and let’s get in touch! We need open education and open science evangelists throughout the world - Because knowledge knows no boundaries.

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