OS.UNIVERSITY Case Study on Students’ Careers Registration on the Blockchain

Hristian Daskalov
The OS University Blog
2 min readMay 25, 2018


It was a honor for me to represent and highlight OS.University as a successful spin-off research project of the Center for Open Science at the Technical University of Sofia during the National Careers Registration Forum at the University of London just days after joining EDUCATE, UCL’s “edtech research incubator’’.

Video from the occasion is available here.

Linked is our case study abstract (download the full size PDF) that was featured in the poster session of the conference at the Senate House, University of London with an aim to introduce the subject to key Academia stakeholders from around U.K. higher ed. system. It is the first of a series of academic case studies on the transformative power that blockchain technology has in education and career development. The purpose is to bridge the knowledge gap between the academic, business, and technology sectors when it comes to the application of distributed ledger technologies for learning and professional development.

We at the OS.University project have previously worked with our partners from the recruitment sector “JobTiger” in order to highlight many of these opportunities, but for successful information coordination relationships to occur within the knowledge triangle, we need the exchange of information to happen as early as possible in the individual learner’s journey — from his first year in university (if not earlier, i.e. on a high school level). Therefore, we believe that the Careers Registration framework might be a great gateway to a continuous academic and professional development, based on a self-sovereign learner identity.

The entire research on the subject of “Careers Registration on the Blockchain” will be featured this June during the 10th International Scientific Conference on “E-Governance & E-Communications”, organized by the Research & Education Centre for e-Governance at the Faculty of Management, Technical University of Sofia.

Any requests for additional information and inquiries for partnership with individual academic institutions on the application of blockchain for learning and career development are welcomed at hristian.daskalov@os.university.