OSU Granted an “EdWard” by UCL and partners

We are thrilled to share that our team was awarded an EdWard ‘Evidence Aware’ badge of honor from University College London (UCL) — the world’s №1 in Education, and its partners from the joint EDUCATE initiative.

The EdWards are associated with the EDUCATE — an edtech incubation programme, which OS.University took part in throughout the past year. The awards are designed to celebrate and give recognition to those who successfully complete the programme, and those who make a real world impact applying its principles in the design of their products and services.

The EDUCATE programme brings together the Education, Research, and EdTech communities. Its distinct focus is on pedagogy. Research underpins the whole premise of EDUCATE, with participants expected to design and develop their products and services using evidence of what works and is effective. They also carry out their own research testing the impact of their work. Here is what OSU is currently working on in terms of research.

In all, the three-year EDUCATE programme has worked with more than 100 innovators since its launch two years ago. Here is what Professor Rose Luckin, Director of Learner Centred Design at UCL Knowledge Lab, and the Director of the EDUCATE programme, had to say about the initiative:

“We have been impressed with the level of commitment they have shown both to their own ideas and products, and to the programme as a whole, with which they’ve engaged enthusiastically. Our cohorts represent what makes the UK a world leader in EdTech development — innovation, creativity, commitment and enthusiasm — all of which are underpinned with an evidence base of what works and is effective. They are among the very best in their field, and some have already proved themselves to be pioneers both in this country and beyond, having attracted substantial investment to expand and grow their businesses.”

Lord David Puttnam presents the first ‘EdWards’ to successful EDUCATE cohorts, at the London Festival of Learning in 2018

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