An Open Letter To Micro 4/3rds Haters.

So one thing I hear over and over from DSLR users is this:

“You cant get a nice shallow depth of field with Micro 4/3rds”

While it may be true that a dslr will give a shallower DOF than M43rds with the same lens the above statement is just not true. Full Stop.

Infact I say to you right now that if you are a Canon dlsr user and you stick to eos lenses (you have to use the system lenses right?) that we M43rds users can get a shallower DOF than you unless you have SERIOUS money to drop on system lenses.

How you ask?

Well one of the greatest things about M43rds cameras is how easy it is to use legacy glass. I picked up a near perfect FL 50mm 1.4 from the dump shop for $10 with a slr body. So after selling the body the lens will cost me a negative amount of money! Winning!

The worst thing about Micro 4/3rds is…the name!

Anyway below are a few shots I took with that lens wide open at F1.4 fitted to my Olympus Epl3.

Shot with Legacy Canon FL 50mm 1.4 glass on an Olympus Epl3

Now that’s some shallow depth of field!

To be fair, I own DSLRS and I do feel as tho they do a better job at some things (or could that be due to my familiarity with the EOS film cameras from back in the day?) but I have to say the Micro 4/3rds cameras get used a whole lot more than the EOS kit these days.

Here is a little video I shot of the lens and the adapter:

Rant Over.

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