The Rule of Law — Letter #3

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Here lies the potential philosophical paradox about Rule of Law and Rule of Power, in the sense that if you fail to limit the power of those creating the laws, you may end up with Rule of Power disguised as Rule of Law.

I totally agree with it, unfortunately, I think this failure is way too certain…

1 — Who guards the guards?

This sort of problem shows up in a wide number of fields. Doctors take care of people, but who takes care of Doctors? Guards guard people, but who guards guards?

2 — Does everyone knows everything?

This is another typical problem. You’re an expert in your craft. Whatever you do. Footballers play football, Managers manage their things, Doctors apply their medical expertise and… Legislators are awesome at writing down laws.

3 — The previous points are two sides of the same coin

If we don’t believe that Legislators get the right advice from football or medicine experts, does this mean that groups of experts of football or medicine will write their… Own laws?

4 — There’s no Rule of Law, there’s just Rule of Power

If we believe that the first 3 points are not actual problems, because there are ways to deal with the failures we mentioned, would the road be clear to a true Rule of Law?



This is a blog on the things we think and write in letters to each other. Might sound lame, but it’s actually lots of fun.

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