The Rule of Law — Letter #6

The Other Day I Thought Of
2 min readDec 22, 2020


Photo by Antonio Sessa on Unsplash

Dear Ricardo,

I’m afraid your last letter got me more confused!

I guess it’s difficult for us to escape thousands of years of civilization on the making!

I wanted to get a deeper understanding of how these other rules would actually work, because as I understand it the current rule is basically about the fact that nobody is above the law and that the law prevails over anything, especially power. But, say, under a rule of math, would that mean that algorithms were basically the new law? Put it in another words, the subjective nature of our current judicial systems would be replaced with an algorithm that would tell us the most positive outcome of a given situation? But wouldn’t that algorithm had to be based on some kind of predefined rules? Not to mention, will an algorithm ever be capable of dealing with so many nuances?

And, in the case of a rule of engineering, would that mean that the capacity to solve problems would grant more power to those who possess it? Haven’t we got a better system for that, called free markets (with the advantage of not being a zero-sum game)?

My point is: would’t it be better if we work on a better rule of law, basically eliminating the possibility of being manipulated by a small group of powerful people? I actually think algorithms can be a part of it!

Eager to read your response!

Take care,